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Standing up to the O’Briens
February 12, 2009

bp_williamson3Bishop Richard Williamson gave a sermon in London in 2007 which has turned out to be quite prophetic for him. In the sermon, His Excellency discussed George Orwell’s 1984 and its implications for us Christians in the coming police state.  In fact, I would say that His Excellency’s words, although spoken to a Catholic audience, extend to all lovers of Freedom and Truth, particularly to those who would dare defend them.

As the entire world now knows, Bishop Williamson is being persecuted for thought crimes, and might even soon be prosecuted for them. As if that weren’t bad enough, he’s been thrown under the bus by his own Superior, and most of his flock are in hiding. And the Pope, unfortunately, is of absolutely no help, since he has sworn his support to the Pharisees. So just exactly which dogma has His Excellency denied that has led to this new Inquisition? He has not denied the dogma of the Resurrection like Cardinal Kasper, or the Immaculate Conception like Hans Küng, both of whom are in good standing with the Church, by the way. He has merely questioned the accuracy of an historical event, one that has nothing to do with the Faith. Yet His Excellency, like Winston in 1984, has been ordered to conform to the Party line or, who knows, he might face O’Briens’ torture machine:

Winston’s torture starts in real earnest and is presided over by O’Brien himself. At first it is sheer brutal physical torture, incessant blows all over, reducing him to a cowering animal confessing to anything and everything, implicating everybody if only the pain would stop. Then the guards are replaced by the intellectuals of the Party who inflict subtler kinds of pain and reduce him to an abject cringing wreck crying from sheer humiliation and exhaustion … In the last stage, O’Brien takes over personally, with Winston connected to an electric dial by means of which O’Brien can impose any degree of pain he wishes. O’Brien tells Winston that he is there to be cured of his mental fallacies.

Now it’s Bishop Williamson who must be cured of his mental fallacies, and he has three weeks to change his mind. It’s all so very – for lack of a better word – Orwellian. But just like Orwell said, in times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Which now makes the good Bishop a revolutionary, and Public Enemy Number One to the Party. In other words, he’s Winston, they’re O’Brien, and the two are about the meet. As his Excellency said in the sermon:

The Party wants to get inside people’s minds and souls, until the Party controls even two and two are four. If the Party wishes to say two and two are five, then two and two are five. Two and two will be what the Party says they are.

Interestingly enough, Bishop Williamson’ s problem with the Party also concerns a mathematical issue, but not two and two are five. O’Brien insists 6 million, but Winston says far fewer, based on the evidence he has reviewed. But who cares anything about evidence? This is a matter of forcing conformance to the Party on an honest man in order to break his will. Not to mention force an honest man to lie, which used to be a sin, last time I checked. Are you listening Bishop Fellay?

If the Party can convince you that two and two are five, then the Party is virtually in control.

And control is what this is really all about. Mind control, to be exact. Because the one thing I have noticed throughout this entire media drama is that not one person has suggested the obvious. Why not put an end to the whole debate, once and for all, by conducting a new investigation? They could use all the latest technology and employ the best scientists in the field, so then there could be no room for doubts. But the problem is:  scientists have conducted new investigations using the latest technology, but their findings contradicted the Party line. And so they were sent to jail. Now I don’t know how many Jews died during World War II, and any loss of human life is tragic. But as far as I’m concerned, even without looking at the evidence, if people are in jail for questioning the number 6 million, then someone has something to hide. Someone fears loss of control. His Excellency again:

 In between the Party and mankind is the question of Truth. If there is objective truth, then the Party will be sooner or later undone.

And who does His Excellency define as the Party? He states that globalism is a continuation of Communism, a soft form of Stalinism. World Government enforced by a police state. This makes me think of Archbishop Lefebvre who fought to have the Second Vatican Council issue a condemnation of Communism. But he was overruled by the highest authority in the Church. So the next time you hear the Pope or the President speak highly of globalism, be very afraid. Actually, I don’t have to tell some traditional Catholics to be afraid, they’re already losing control of their bowels. Poor Bishop Williamson. A lifetime in service of the Church, and he’s all alone on the battlefield. Those who should be bringing up reinforcements are praying that he will just recant. His Excellency:

If the truth makes you free, then the corroborative of that is: lies will enslave you.

But some people would rather be enslaved, if it means they won’t have to confront the O’Briens. They’d prefer just to go back to debating the validity of the new Mass, abstaining from meat on Fridays, and retreat into the catacombs. But this time, the catacombs are not going to be an option, because they have no intention of leaving us alone. They’re too close now to achieving their dreams of total world dominion. And there is absolutely no room in the new world order for the traditional Catholic faith. And I would remind my non-Catholic Christian friends, if you think this situation with Bishop Williamson only applies to the Catholics: think again. All of us are in this thing together. Remember that famous poem written by a Lutheran pastor who himself survived the Holocaust? First they came for the Catholics….yada, yada, yada.

Bishop Williamson explains in his sermon that since George Orwell was not a Christian, Winston caved in completely. That’s because he didn’t have any higher Faith. In other words, he didn’t have a higher Truth to fight for. But Bishop Williamson knows the Truth, has the Faith, and has not been afraid to speak out – even to those who can’t handle the Truth! Since he knows that this is ultimately a spiritual battle (Christ vs. anti-Christ), something Winston didn’t understand, he knows that he can survive O’Brien’s torture machine. Even if it costs him his life (or freedom). He has been given a rare gift that most Christians will never be offered: the opportunity to be a saint. Most priests and bishops toil away in obscurity, and pass from this life unnoticed. Very few are offered the gift of martyrdom like Saints Thomas More, John Fisher, Edmund Campion, and Margaret Clitherow. Bishop Williamson’s name could one day be added to that illustrious list of English saints. If he stands up for the Truth.

He must have had a premonition of his fate with the closing words of his sermon:

Ask God to strengthen your faith so that you and I will not crumble in the hands of today’s O’Briens.

I have confidence in His Excellency that he will not crumble in the hands of the O’Briens. After all, somebody has got to stand up to them – and be a hero of the Faith, a hero of the Church! Kyrie eleison.

SSPX Expels Father Abrahamowicz
February 7, 2009

abrahamowicz4Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), seems to be having a bit of a freak-out. I was going to say sell-out, but I’ll reserve judgment on that – for now.

The news out of Italy is that the SSPX has expelled Father Floriano Abrahamowicz of the SSPX Northern Italian District “for grave reasons of discipline.” Fr. Abrahamowicz, you’ll recall, is the SSPX priest who expressed doubts about the Holocaust just days after Bishop Williamson’s interview aired on Swedish television:

[Portion of the SSPX NOTE, according to several Italian news agencies:] “The action is in effect from Friday, February 6, and was taken for grave reasons of discipline. Father Floriano Abrahamowicz had expressed for some time positions distinct from the official ones of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X. The decision of the expulsion, though painful, was made necessary to avoid that the image of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X be distorted and, with it, that its work in the service of the Church be damaged.”

Now, that “grave matter of discipline” wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Fr. Abrahamowicz just let another cat of the bag when he dared to question the Shoah dogma, would it? Fr. Abrahamowicz, who is himself half Jewish, recently spoke out in defense of Bishop Williamson who dared to utter a truth that the Party has declared officially false. As Bishop Williamson explained in his sermon on Orwell’s 1984, the Party wants to get inside your brain to make you believe that 2 + 2 = 5. (Or in this case, that 6 million minus any number always equals 6 million.) This made Bishop Williamson Public Enemy Number One to the Party – but a hero to those of us who stubbornly maintain that 2 + 2 = 4.
Fr. Abrahamowicz stated in a January 29 interview with the Italian newspaper La Tribuna de Treviso that:
It’s truly impossible for a Catholic Christian to be anti-Semitic. I myself, on my father’s side, have Jewish roots. My last name even suggests this. This entire polemic regarding the statements of Bishop Williamson concerns the existence of gas chambers, and has been strongly instrumentalized for anti-Vatican purposes. Williamson simply expressed his doubts, and his ‘denial’ is not of the Holocaust – as newspapers have falsely said – but of the technical aspect of the gas chambers.
So far, so good. He calmly states that Bishop Williamson’s doubts revolve around technical issues, and that the whole thing was a set up by the “Swedish” reporter, which it most certainly was.  But here’s where he starts to get into trouble:
Who has ever talked about the Anglo-American genocide in the bombing of German cities? Who has ever talked about Churchill, who ordered the phosphorous bombing of Dresden, where there were not only many civilians, but also many Allied soldiers? Who has spoken about the English air force, which, in the bombing of the cities, killed hundreds of thousands of civilians? And the Israelis certainly can’t tell me that the genocide they suffered from the Nazis is less serious than that of Gaza, simply because they’ve taken out a few thousand persons, while the Nazis took out six million. This is where I fault Judaism, which exasperates rather than honoring the victims of genocide decently. It’s as if there were only one genocide in history, that of the Jews during the Second World War. It seems like you can say anything you want about all the other exterminated peoples, but no one at the global level has spoken in the terms in which people are speaking today after the declarations of Bishop Williamson.
Now see, that is not allowed. In his innocence, Fr. Abrahamowicz actually believed that the truth is a valid defense, and that all human beings have equal dignity and worth. That is in fact the basis of Catholic social teaching. But as George Orwell informed us, some are more equal than others. And certainly the least equal of all humans are the Germans and the Palestinians, and the good Father just happened to mention them both! Now who is it that hates Germans and Palestinians? Answer that, and you can see why Fr. Abrahamowicz had to go.
And what positions “distinct from the official ones” of the SSPX are they talking about anyway? You mean like the Church’s traditional views on the Jews that the SSPX has had on their website for years? Ooops. I should have said used to have on their website for years. It seems that a major “purging” has begun, a la Orwell’s 1984, in which anything that contradicts the Party’s (new) line ends up going down the memory hole. Nothing to see here, folks, move along. Except they obviously haven’t purged everything yet, because the letter from Bishop Proenca Sigaud is still there in which he talks about Jews, Communists, and Freemasons (but someone better start taking screen shots).
Archbishop Lefebvre himself wrote in a letter dated August 31, 1985 to Pope John Paul II that “Jews, Communists and Freemasons” were the enemies of the Church and were plotting to destroy her. So what has changed since Archbishop Lefebvre wrote that letter? Or since Fr. Denis Fahey, Mgr. George Dillon, Fr. Charles Coughlin, and many popes and saints were saying exactly the same things? The Second Vatican Council devastated the flock, leaving misery, death, moral corruption, and massive loss of faith in its wake. So why should we be so quick to dismiss advice from people who warned against making concessions to the enemies of the Church? Someone has to stand firm until the Church recovers from this catastrophe. That used to the role of the SSPX.
It’s possible that Bishop Fellay has negotiated some kind of backroom deal which doubtless includes a red hat for himself and a cozy office in the Vatican. I do so hope I’m wrong, but this sort of Soviet-like, politically correct – let’s call it what it is – pandering, used to be anathama to the SSPX. That is, until the excommunications were lifted last month, after a million rosary bouquet was offered to the Pope  (supposedly without negotiations). But when word came that a certain SSPX priest in a certain seminary was fired at the request of the Vatican, it seems there’s more to the story than just the Pope being moved by the rosary. It seems that something is rotten in Denmark – or could it be in Switzerland?
Judging by some of the mealy-mouthed reactions out in tradland, it seems the faithful think it’s appropriate to fire poor Fr. Abrahamowicz to fascilitate reconciliation with Rome. But these capitulators could have had full communion with the Modernists years ago by simply attending their local parishes. So why have they attended the SSPX chapels then, in disobedience to their bishops, if everything is kosher (so to speak) in Rome? There must be some reason they drive 100 miles roundtrip every Sunday to attend the Society’s Masses. What has changed now in the Vatican that everyone suddenly wants reconcilation after 40 years of resistance? I don’t see Tradition restored to Rome. I see a concession that the Latin Mass was never officially abrogated. But when are they going to abrogate the Novus Ordo Mass that was written by a Freemason and six Protestant “advisers”?
Poor Archbishop Lefebvre. He might as well have just signed the agreement in 1988 and saved himself a lot of trouble. But hopefully some of his sons will stay true to him and not capitulate to the Modernists. If reconciliation means that the enemies of the Church now indirectly dictate SSPX policy, then maybe it’s time to step back. Perhaps Bishop Williamson will seize the day and not capitulate to the Modernists. He certainly wouldn’t find himself alone. He can hire Fr. Abrahamowicz. He seems to be out of a job.
Rorate Caeli has updated its website to add that Fr. Abrahamowicz said the following after the lifting of the excommunications:
In fact, who ordered the injurious decree of “removal” was Joseph Ratzinger, who is still stuck in the Modernist ecumenism of the Second Vatican Council, … , incurring the excommunication reserved to the Modernists. An excommunicate revokes a non-existing censure!

…Traditionalist Catholics CANNOT (sic) neither request nor welcome such a decree, even less embrace and kiss its authors, making believe that this act is a gift of Our Lady.

We pray for Joseph Ratzinger so that he may abjure Modernism and embrace the Catholic faith, and for the Fraternity of Saint Pius X so that it may remain faithful to the work of Archbishop Lefebvre.

But what has he said that the Archbishop didn’t say himself, like when he said that Rome was in apostasy and that the Pope (John Paul II) wasn’t Catholic? (And I find it hard to believe that Fr. Abrahamowicz’s views were totally unknown to the bishops until after he happened to question the Holocaust.)  Archbishop Lefebvre could have been made a Cardinal if he had gone along with the destruction of the Church. But he refused to betray his mission of handing down the Faith as it had been handed to him. I hope his spiritual sons are made of the same stern stuff.

As the Protestant Henry of Navarre once said (in order to claim the French throne): “Paris is worth a Mass.” Maybe some in the SSPX feel that a red hat is worth a Novus Ordo Mass.

The Holocaust is Now Catholic Dogma
February 4, 2009

pope-at-auschwitzThe last time a Pope of the Catholic Church defined an infallible dogma was in the year 1950. Pope Pius XII used this power reserved for the Vicar of Christ when speaking ex cathedra to define the Dogma of the Assumption of Mary. It was an extraordinary event because a pope using the power of infallibly to define a dogma is done so rarely, and most popes have never used this power. Before Pius XII, the last pope to invoke papal infallibly to define a dogma was Pius IX in 1854, when he defined the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception. Both of these dogmas referred to events that had occurred 19 centuries before , and that had been studied by the best minds of the Church for almost as long. That’s because when making an infallible statement – it goes without saying – it can’t contain any errors! Fast forward to 2009 and Pope Benedict XVI has just defined a new dogma regarding a secular event that has nothing to do with the Faith. Moreover, this ‘dogmatic event’ only occurred in the middle of the 20th Century-  and no one is allowed to investigate to see if it contains any errors!

A dogma is an infallible teaching of the Catholic Church that must be believed by every Catholic or they’re not in communion with the Church. In the past, a dogma referred only to a matter of Christian faith, and Catholics could believe whatever they wanted about historical events. But today’s remarks from the Vatican make it clear that the Jewish version of the Holocaust, in which 6 million Jews were killed in gas chambers, must be believed by every Catholic or they’re not in communion with the Church. That makes the Holocaust an official ‘dogma’ of the Catholic Faith (*sarcasm*). Here’s the news out of the Vatican.

On Jan. 28, the pope said he felt “full and indisputable solidarity” with Jews, and warned against any denial of the full horror of the Nazi genocide.

Bishop Williamson, in order to be admitted to episcopal functions within the church, will have to take his distance, in an absolutely unequivocal and public fashion, from his position on the Shoah, which the Holy Father was not aware of when the excommunication was lifted,” the statement said. The Shoah is the Hebrew term for the Holocaust.

Jewish groups welcomed the Vatican statement, saying it satisfied their key demand.

“This was the sign the Jewish world has been waiting for,” said Ronald Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress.

Yes, this is the sign the Jewish world has been waiting for, but what exactly does this “sign” really mean? It means that in the post-Vatican II Church, the “Shoah” has replaced the Crucifixion as the central event in history. And do you notice the subtle switcheroo here? Now, instead of the central tenet of the Christian faith pertaining to the murder of the Christ by Jews, the new central tenet refers to the murder of Jews by Christians! This should come as no surprise to those who understand what really lies at the heart of the problem. At its core, this is a spiritual battle that’s being waged above our heads. It’s Christ vs. anti-Christ, and each of us must choose a side.

Lucifer wanted to be equal to God and out of pride refused to accept being a servant. When he uttered his famous “non servium” he took a third of the angels with him and set about waging war against God. When God sent His Son to redeem the world, Lucifer tried to prevent it. He took Jesus to the mountain top and tempted Him, saying “if you just bow down and worship me, I will give you all these things.”  Jesus told the devil to buzz off. The Jews who rejected Jesus as the Messiah did so out of racial pride and ambition. They wanted an earthly kingdom where they would always be the ‘Chosen Ones’ and did not want to share a kingdom with the gentiles. But Jesus emphatically said that His kingdom was not of this world and to share the good news with the gentiles. The Jews who accepted the Messiah became the first Christians, and those who rejected Him fell into spiritual blindness. Satan takes advantage of Jewish hatred of Jesus and uses them to battle against the Church of Christ. The Jews continue to wait for a worldly Messiah, but the Messiah they await is known to us as the anti-Christ. Therefore, all Christians must love and pray for the Jewish people to accept Christ as the Messiah, thereby snatching them from the jaws of Satan, whom they don’t realize they are serving. 

This battle between Christ and anti-Christ is 2,000 years old and all popes throughout history have waged it (at least until 1958). That’s what makes the Church’s post-Vatican II attitude toward the Jews so perplexing, since it enables them to continue in spiritual blindness and sets the stage for the coming of the anti-Christ. Pope Leo XIII had a vision at the end of the 19th Century in which he forsaw that the devil had been given extra powers for 100 years to try to destroy the Church. This seems to coincide with the shift in power that took place in the 20th Century when after two world wars, the Jews took Palestine and solidified their control over the West. This was also the century in which the Jews unleashed their most deadly weapon, Communism, which caused the deaths of millions of people.  But these people’s genocides go unnoticed and certainly have not been declared “dogma” by a pope of the Catholic Church. Another clue that something is amiss inside the Church is that the Second Vatican Council refused to condemn Communism, but declared that anti-Semitism was a sin (without defining what constitutes anti-Semitism).

Enter Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), and the man who’s currently being crucified, Bishop Richard Williamson. Archbishop Lefebvre himself had fought inside the Second Vatican Council to prevent the coup of the liberals. He also stated that the mere fact that the Council refused to condemn Communism was enough to call the Council into question. The Archbishop knew that something nefarious had happened inside the Church and sensed that he was waging a battle against powers and principalities. In terms of his plans to restore Tradition, in the Biography of Marcel Lefebvre by Bishop Tissier de Mallerais, he quotes the Archbishop as saying (pp. 500-501):

The Council is a non-infallible act of the Magisterium and, therefore, it is open to being influenced by a bad spirit … Therefore, we need to apply the criterion of Tradition to the various Council documents to see what we can keep, what needs clarifying, and what should be rejected.

And that’s exactly the whole point of the negotiations between the SSPX and the Vatican that have been going on for almost 40 years. After the release of the Latin Mass and the lifting of the excommunications, the next phase is doctrinal discussions. But somebody doesn’t want that to happen. Archbishop Lefebvre founded the SSPX in 1970 in order to train priests in Tradition and not in the confusing, untraditional, Judeo-Masonic manner of the post-Conciliar era. The greatest threat to Revolutionaries is those who are not afraid to resist them to the face, i.e., the Counter-Revolutionaries. That is why Pope John Paul II would not allow Archbishop Lefebvre to consecrecate bishops, something that is usually rubber-stamped for every other order. John Paul II wanted the SSPX to go extinct after the death of its founder and put a stop to the Counter-Revolution. And if the Council really was influenced by a “bad spirit” as the Archbishop said, then certainly any attempt to exorcise this bad spirit would be met with the fiercest resistance by those who work for the anti-Christ.

This is where the controversy over Bishop Williamson’s remarks about the actual number of Jews killed in the Holocaust comes into the scenario. If the Jews are (wittingly or unwittingly) working to bring about the reign of the anti-Christ, then part of their strategy has to be to neutralize the Church. In their effort to overturn the crucifixion and replace it with the “Shoah,” they’re trying to utilize the Church to bring this about. And any force that appears to provide resistance to this switcheroo will be seen as the gravest possible threat. Because truly, it wouldn’t have mattered if Bishop Williamson had not said a word about the Shoah, they would have found something else to try to impede the Church’s return to Tradition. Because Christ and anti-Christ cannot co-exist on equal terms – one must naturally dominate the other. And the Church returning to Tradition and her normal role as the Church Militant is the one monkey wrench that could be thrown into the plans of the anti-Christ. No other challenger intimidates them, absolutely no one else causes them to tremble. But a fully traditional Church Militant with a billion souls in her army is the one thing that could defeat their plans. And that’s what this is really all about.

Bishop Williamson now finds himself in the center of a controvery that has been coming to a head for a very long time. In perusing the Catholic blogosphere, it appears that most Catholics (even trads) wish that he had just kept his mouth shut. But they would probably have said the same thing to Jesus, so as not to annoy the Pharisees. But I’m convinced Our Lord Jesus Christ knows what he is doing. Because it is time to confront the truth, as the the hour glass of time winds down, and get ready for the final conflagration. But it appears most Christians would rather retreat to the hills, than risk not being popular with the world. Thankfully, for the sake of our salvation, Jesus Himself was not so pusillanimous. And hopefully Bishop Williamson won’t be so pusillanimous either, since his founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, most assuredly was not. The Archbishop personally chose Richard Williamson to carry on his work after his death, to be a successor to the apostles. The only question that remains is: will he be like St. John or like the others who abandoned Jesus “for fear of the Jews’?

The Church and the Jews have been locked in this battle for 2,000 years, so this latest controversy is nothing to be surprised about. Satan uses the poor, blinded Jews to attack the Lord’s Church because he doesn’t want us or them to be saved. But at least in the past, it used to be clear which side the popes were on! The Pope and SSPX bishops need all our prayers and support right now, because they are going through a trial by fire. And, at least in this early stage, it appears Bishop Fellay is starting to get cold feet. Every day for the past several days he has issued a denunciation of his colleague, Bishop Williamson, each one more hysterical than the last. He even went so far as to refer to the Jews as our “elder brothers in the faith,” as though the Talmud has anything to do with our Faith. When I said last week that I wished Bishop Fellay would one day be pope, I didn’t mean in the mold of John Paul II!

Let us pray especially for Pope Benedict XVI, the keeper of the keys to heaven, that he prove himself a worthy successor of St. Peter, and that he not imitate Peter in his denial of Jesus Christ. Archbishop Lefebvre recognized that the day would come when the SSPX would be called on to save the Church. And judging by the howls and screams from the satanic press, that day might be just around the corner. Let us hope that we also have the courage to stand beside them, no matter how much the media attack and lambaste us. It’s for the Jews’ own good after all, for they know not whom they are serving. As the Archbishop wrote in 1966 (ibid, pp. 382-83):

When the Holy Father realizes that those whom he trusted are leading the Church to her ruin, he will find himself a group of bishops … who are ready to rebuild. Unfortunately, the time has not yet come, because the Holy Father himself must change what he is doing, and that conversion will be painful.

Let us hope that the time has come and that Pope Benedict will accept the help of the SSPX. It is time for the Holy Father to stop taking sides with the enemies of the Church and to stop defining  secular events as “dogma,” especially ones so riddled through with holes. May God save the Church through His servant, Pope Benedict, although the Pope’s conversion will be painful.

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The Crucifixion of Bishop Williamson
January 29, 2009


bpwilliamson_classroom As I observe the vilification of Bishop Williamson occurring in the Catholic blogosphere, I can’t help but recall the gospel account of the crucifixion of Christ Himself. For with the exception of the Blessed Mother and St. John, the rest of His apostles had abandoned Him, quaking in their boots  “for fear of the Jews” (John 19:38).

Fast forward 20 centuries and something eerily similar seems to be happening again. Only this time, the person being abandoned and crucified is Bishop Richard Williamson of the Society of St. Pius X. And what was his crime, pray tell? It seems His Excellency has a penchant for speaking the truth to power, something Our Lord Himself was not afraid to do, including the following flamer – right to the Pharisees’ faces (John 8:44):

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it.

Now that is politically incorrect! Good thing Jesus isn’t around in human form these days or He just might find himself in a German prison, like Ernst Zundel or Germar Rudolf, or anyone else who dares to question the Holocaust™. Because I am convinced that if Jesus were still alive on this earth in human form, there would be no shortage of Christians dutifully denouncing Him as a threat to Jewish-Christian relations! It really has become that pathetic.

Bishop Williamson is personally responsible for the fact that I am no longer a sedevacantist and that I pray day and night for the conversion of the Jews. I no longer feel that same level of toxic bitterness coursing through my veins when I think of all that we (of the post-Conciliar generation) have suffered as a result of having been thrown under the bus by those who should have protected us. I see it all in spiritual terms now, and I realize that it is not for me to understand why things have gone so wrong in the Church, and, by default, in society. But it is my duty to be the best Catholic woman I can be, to try to be a light to others, and always to speak the truth in charity. Charity is just another word for love. Thank you, Your Excellency.

And this is the man they’re persecuting! A man who for the last 20 years has brought the Traditional Latin Mass to millions of the faithful, baptized their children, heard their confessions, and maintained tradition, while staying faithful to Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. To those traditional Catholics who are now throwing Bishop Williamson under the bus, I say, shame, shame, shame!  They would probably throw Christ Himself under the bus if He dared to question the Holocaust™. I don’t know definitively how many Jews died in concentration camps during World War II. But I do find it awfully suspicious that people are thrown in jail for questioning an historical event. (And even more disturbing that so many Americans don’t seem to have a problem with that, as we brag about our freedom of speech.) The Holocaust has become like a secular dogma that cannot be questioned on pain of imprisonment or shunning. But if six million Jews really were killed in concentration camps, you would think that professional investigations would be welcomed, using the latest forensic technology to verify the event. After all, I don’t know of any other group of genocide victims that refuses to allow investigations. But when even the Auschwitz museum has lowered the number of Jews killed there from 4 million to 1.5 million, and Red Cross records reveal far fewer than 1 million deaths, it does not bode well for the number six million. Unless there’s a new kind of math where six million minus any sum must always equal six million.

No one is denying that a significant number of Jews died in concentration camps under Hitler, who would not otherwise have died had they not been rounded up and placed in camps without due process of law. But there were many others who died in those camps besides Jews, and even many other Holocausts. Let’s start with the tens of millions of Christians killed in the Soviet Union under (mainly) Jewish Communists. It’s time for the truth to come out about all genocides. Let the healing begin.

By giving his honest opinion about an historical event, with no hatred in his heart, Bishop Williamson is now being shunned by the very people who should be standing beside him. But I’m convinced that many of these same turncoats wonder themselves why scientists are being thrown in jail for questioning the Holocaust, but they don’t have the ***** to say it out loud! If there’s any hope of restoring Christendom, it’s going to take men with courage and testosterone. Men like Bishop Williamson, who, despite his vow of celibacy, is more manly than the panty waists who can’t denounce him fast enough! These cowards are terrified that they won’t be able to get a rabbinic imprimatur for their next book, or God forbid, get their books published at all.

I understand what the trads are saying, that Bishop Williamson’s controversial opinions will somehow set back SSPX/Vatican relations in light of their recent rehabilitation. And I am grateful to the Holy Father for his kind gestures, namely, the lifting of the excommunications and the Motu Proprio allowing the Latin Mass. But the truth is that the SSPX should never have been excommunicated in the first place, unless all of our saints and ancestors should have been excommunicated as well. And my generation never should have been deprived of the Traditional Latin Mass in the first place, according to the infallible bull Quo Primum. So while it’s nice that they’ve (finally) acknowledged that the Latin Mass was never officially abrogated, that doesn’t do a whole lot of good for my generation whose birthright was officially stolen! How many lives and souls have been lost in the last 40 years as a result of this atrocity? Only the Good Lord knows, and we must trust in Him to enlighten the heart of Pope Benedict to turn back from this disastrous course (although I wouldn’t hold my breath). But it sure is nice to have a Catholic hero like Bishop Williamson who speaks the truth in charity, and who, history will show, was on the right side all along. As St. Paul once said (Gal. 4:16):

Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

Apparently so, in the case of Bishop Williamson. But in the words of Our Blessed Savior (John 8:32):

Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.