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Sometimes When There Are No Words …
July 12, 2010




Music speaks for us.

Please Listen: (Adagio for Strings – Samuel Barber)



I think of you when I see crape myrtles
July 12, 2010

  I got the crape myrtle you sent me last night.

I know it was from you.

Like pennies from heaven, only sweeter!

Lacrimosa – Day of Tears
July 11, 2010

From Zbigniew Preisner’s Requiem for my friend

Lacrimosa die illa

Qua resurget ex favilla

Judicandus homo reus

Huic ergo parce, Deus

Pie Jesu Domine

Dona eis requiem.


Ah! That day of tears and mourning!

From the dust of earth returning

Man for judgment must prepare him

Spare, oh God, in mercy spare him!

Lord, all pitying, Jesu blest

Grant them Thine eternal rest.