Sister/Doctor Teresa Forcades Warns Against Flu Vaccine

Sister Teresa Forcades is a Benedictine nun who also happens to be a physician specializing in internal medicine. She also has a Ph.D. in Public Health as well as a degree in theology from Harvard. So she’s obviously an extremely intelligent and well-educated woman, highly qualified to speak out against a medical crime against humanity. She herself admits that if she were still practicing medicine in a hospital setting (in other words, for money) she might not be brave enough to speak out against the medical/pharmaceutical cartel. But as a nun, she has no personal stake in maintaining the status quo (in other words, money) and can use her medical knowledge as a spiritual work of mercy. I think it’s of paramount importance that anyone considering getting the flu vaccine listen to what Sister (Doctor) Teresa has to say. As she says in the video “money cannot buy health or life.”

Sister Teresa explains that in February 2009, the pharmaceutical giant Baxter sent 72 kg. of the seasonal flu vaccine to 16 labs in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Germany to be distributed to the populations in the next two months. But thanks to the scrupulosity of one Czech hero who worked as a lab techician, an evil, genocidal plan was uncovered. This Czech lab tech decided to run a test on the vaccine material received from Baxter by injecting the material into ferrets in the lab. All the ferrets died from the vaccine.

Only then was it discovered that live Avian (Bird) flu virus was mixed in with the seasonal flu vaccine sent from Baxter pharmaceutical. This would have had the effect of creating a new virus by recombining the seasonal flu virus with the Avian flu which would have produced a highly contagious, highly lethal vaccine. Once this vaccine was innoculated in the general public, being both highly contagious and highly lethal, well, you get the picture. Only due to the extra efforts of a single Czech lab tech, was a catastrophe of epic proportions averted. Sister Teresa asks why this explosive news was not covered by the media or the politicians. By the way, she says that it is virtually impossible that this was an accident, given the extremely high standards employed in laboratories, and for 2 virii to be found mixed together like that is just inconceivable as an accident. It was a deliberate contamination of vaccines that were to be administered to the general public.  She even says that one must assume malicious intent, given the series of extraordinary coincidences which would have been necessary for this to have been an accident.

Are you getting the picture? They had the vaccines all set to be shot into people’s arms, but a single Czech lab tech literally saved the world. Their nefarious plan was foiled. But the next “irregularity” she notes is that the World Health Organization (WHO) has changed the definition of a pandemic from a highly contagious infectious disease present in multiple countries with a high mortality rate, to just an infectious disease present in multiple countries. In other words, if only a few people in several countries have the same virus or symptoms (since they’re no longer verifying in labs whether patients even have the A-H1N1 virus anymore), then it’s a pandemic even if relatively few people are dying. Why is this significant? Because, says Sister Teresa, the WHO changed their regulations in 2005 stating that in the case of a global pandemic, the WHO can override national sovereignty and order countries to take certain measures with their populations. Dr. Margaret Chan, head of the WHO, declared in June that the swine flu is now a pandemic – even though hardly anyone has died. The WHO is an arm of the United Nations. So it appears that they’ve decided to go ahead with the “global pandemic” scenario anyway, the way they had planned it when they thought the lethal vaccines were going to be administered. More on this later.

Other factors which should raise the hair on your neck include: the vaccine for the A-H1N1 (swine flu) virus will be administered in 2 doses, which is unprecedented, as the effects of a double dosis are as yet unstudied. Also, the use of the coadjuvant squalene (which caused Gulf War Syndrome in vets vaccinated against Anthrax) is dangerous because it will trigger the immune system to react 10 times more strongly to the vaccine than a normal coadjuvant. Squalene is an excitant or accelerant which directly targets the immune system to react 10 times more powerfully than normal. Does this sound safe to you? There’s also the risk of Gullain-Barre paralysis which can be permanent. So Teresa asks: compared to the risk of getting the flu and spending a few days in bed, is it really worth it to risk auto-immune diseases, paralysis, or contaminated vaccines that cause God-knows-what side effects? These warnings apply to the seasonal flu vaccine as well as the “swine flu” or H1N1 vaccine, so don’t think the regular flu shot is safe. In summation: the swine flu (A-H1N1) is more benign than the seasonal flu, and the seasonal flu is only minimally fatal. So the risk of the flu vaccines outweighs the benefits.

Sister Teresa intimates in video #6 that there have always been people throughout history who have wanted to control the world. This is nothing new. The Romans, the Incas, etc., have established empires with the intention to civilize other peoples and bring order to the world. But these days, she says, there are also people who think we have an over-population problem as well. Put the two together, i.e, a group of people who want to control the world and who think a huge number of us need to be eliminated, and a clear picture starts to emerge. I believe that even though their plan to innoculate people with the contaminated vaccine was thwarted, the WHO (et al) have decided to go ahead with their plans to declare a pandemic and at least soften us up for the final kill. That is, sicken and disable as many of us as they can this time around, even though it will be much less lethal, thanks to the Czech lab technician. They will use this false  pandemic to continue to suppress individual rights and sovereignty, then maybe next around they’ll get it right. Maybe next time their plan won’t be thwarted. These are the people who want to control the world.

The problem, as I see it, is that the people who want to control the world today are not the extraordinary and civilized Romans who wanted to spread Pax Romana. On the contrary, they make the pagan Romans look like Christians by comparison. What we have today is a cabal of people who are full-blown psychopaths with almost unlimited power, nuclear weapons, control of the press, the medical industry, most governments, an implacable hatred of Christianity, and a hatred of human life in general. And many of these people are from Christian backgrounds themselves, which in my mind, makes them all the more culpable for their actions. But then psychopaths will be psychopaths. So I’ll just come right out and say what Sister Teresa does not say:

The so-called New World Order being brought to fruition before our eyes is nothing less than the Kingdom of anti-Christ on earth. This may sound hyperbolic, but hear me out. They do not want simply to conquer or control – but to kill as many of us as possible. I believe that that they cannot help themselves. They are under the power of the Prince of Darkness who Jesus Christ said is the Prince of This World, who prowls about seeking whom he may devour. It is their hatred of Christ which leaves them open to being used by Satan. Their aim, perhaps not fully understood even by them, is to kill, destroy, ruin, corrupt, and usher in the era of the anti-Christ. I mean the real anti-Christ, the actual Man of Perdition. I truly believe that they are not fully aware of what they are doing; rather, they are simply compelled to kill and destroy because they are in the service of the Evil One himself. It’s sometimes difficult to feel sorry for these lost souls because they are so dangerous and deadly, and have absolutely no remorse or compassion for the suffering that they cause. Yet in a very real sense, they are simply slaves themselves, and their deadly machinations will ultimately bring them down.

Sister Teresa says do not panic. I would add: do not despair. God is in control. All the evil we’re seeing in the world right now – which has accelerated exponentially since 9/11 – has been permitted by God to happen, foreseen since the beginning of time, and described in the book of Apocalypse (or Revelation). We don’t even  have to bother deciphering those cryptic lines in the Bible. God sees everything for us. They won’t get away with what they’re doing. They will not control the whole world. As Sister Teresa says in the video, our human goodness will not allow their plans to succeed. Just as a single heroic lab technician in the Czech Republic was able to thwart their plan, there are so many good and decent people in this world, and many of them are finally waking up. The good and decent people on the planet far outnumber the evil ones, but we are hindered by our consciences from taking appropriate action. Psychopaths have no such hindrance. But their plans will not ultimately succeed, although they will cause tremendous human suffering while they can. So in the meantime, just be extremely careful (especially of vaccines), pray, and stay in a state of grace. And pray for those poor lost souls who aim to kill us. The fate that awaits them is worse than anything they could do to us in this world.

Good ultimately triumphs over Evil. It just takes a while to happen. But God is in control. We saw His hand in the Czech lab technician who held back the hand of Satan. And we can see Him in Sister Teresa Forcades, an aptly-named, modern-day saint from Spain.


5 Responses

  1. I do believe she is telling the truth about the vaccine debacle. But I hear tell she has a past that includes abortion and the belief that it should be legal . Whether that means her info on the vaccine issue is tainted, which I don’t think it should, will be up to the public to decide. Suffice to say, something can be dug up to ruin a person’s
    credibility on a subject, no matter what expertise they have. If people shum her view of this subject, then I guess nothing else she says is valid either.


    Thanks for writing. You bring up a good point. I, too, looked up Teresa Forcades and discovered that she was, at the very least, ambiguous about abortion. However, I did read that after being admonished by her bishop, she submitted to the Church’s teaching on abortion (link below). In any event, you raise a good point that some people may now disregard her warnings againt the flu vaccines because of her controversial views on abortion. Spirit Daily has taken down her warnings because of this, which in my opinion, is a big mistake. Everything she says is easily provable about the effects of the vaccines. In the case of a dire, imminent emergency, we need to hear these warnings and educate ourselves about the dangers from these vaccines. If your house were on fire and the fireman who was trying to pull you out of the burning embers was “pro-choice,” would you refuse to let him save you?

    I don’t doubt for one minute that pharmaceutical companies are part of the NWO and aim to kill and disable people, and get rich in the process. I have personal experience with this issue which I may write about in the future. My personal opinion about Sr. Teresa Forcades is that she is incredibly brave and honest and is doing her best to warn people against a potential genocide, which is itself a pro-life work of mercy. There’s even evidence that what’s happening in Ukraine now was unleashed from Baxter in the Ukraine, proving that these people will stop at nothing (link below). Even after being caught red-handed in the Czech Republic, they are going ahead with their plan. Her points are all valid in this regard. She is doing pro-life work in getting out this information, and people who may have gotten the vaccine and been injured can thank her for warning us. On the topic of abortion: We should pray that Sister Teresa comes to realize how anti-feminist abortion really is: it benefits men and hurts women.

    Here’s a link about a former Israeli Mossad agent who warned that Baxter would release a bioterrorism weapon (vaccines) in the Ukraine in the fall. He was arrested and deported to Israel and hasn’t been heard from since. And in the Ukraine now, well, we see what’s happening….

  2. One must remember, every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. Her view on abortion is exactly that, her view. It does not have anything to do with her findings on that vaccine nightmare. Vaccines are for profit only and only make the population sicker. Even Bill Gates has admitted, vaccines are a form of population control as it has long term effects on the reproductive system. There is NO acceptable level of mercury, MSG & formaldehyde people should be injecting into themselves. Ever!!

  3. There was a journalist/researcher who tried to put this info out there. Unfortunately she ha been targeted by certain govt and hounded. I think her name was jane or janet burkenmiester I really can’t remember. She tried really hard. She even bought a case against the who over this tainted vaccine. I pray for peace for all of us.

  4. I wish so very much that you did not bring up the abortion issue in this vital information. I will not share the article because I know as soon as people see the comments about it, they will dismiss the message it is trying to warn people about. A troll tries to discredit the sister, and you played right into their hands. The result is that many people will turn away because if it. Infuriating and disappointing! Please leave abortion out of it if you really want to warn people about the vaccine dangers.

  5. Thank you for this information! I hope more people start to look at the agenda that is currently happening.

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