Prayer of St. Francis by Sarah McLachlan


4 Responses

  1. Great song. But let us hear from you. What’s been going on ?

  2. good sound

  3. This is not relevant here, but would you be good enough to share with us what was Bishop Williamon’s teaching and advice and guidance which converted you from sedevacantism ? I would be very interested to glean wisdom from his words. Alan Robinson

    Let me think about it, Alan, before I respond to your question. This was last year and I can’t remember exactly what he said. But his arguments were so logical and sound that I immediately rejected sedevacantism and haven’t looked back since. It doesn’t help that I’ve had writer’s block for the past couple of months, but I’m working on a couple of things now and will try to respond to your question then. Thanks for writing.

  4. Thanks, you whet my appetite ! Alan Robinson

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