Standing up to the O’Briens

bp_williamson3Bishop Richard Williamson gave a sermon in London in 2007 which has turned out to be quite prophetic for him. In the sermon, His Excellency discussed George Orwell’s 1984 and its implications for us Christians in the coming police state.  In fact, I would say that His Excellency’s words, although spoken to a Catholic audience, extend to all lovers of Freedom and Truth, particularly to those who would dare defend them.

As the entire world now knows, Bishop Williamson is being persecuted for thought crimes, and might even soon be prosecuted for them. As if that weren’t bad enough, he’s been thrown under the bus by his own Superior, and most of his flock are in hiding. And the Pope, unfortunately, is of absolutely no help, since he has sworn his support to the Pharisees. So just exactly which dogma has His Excellency denied that has led to this new Inquisition? He has not denied the dogma of the Resurrection like Cardinal Kasper, or the Immaculate Conception like Hans Küng, both of whom are in good standing with the Church, by the way. He has merely questioned the accuracy of an historical event, one that has nothing to do with the Faith. Yet His Excellency, like Winston in 1984, has been ordered to conform to the Party line or, who knows, he might face O’Briens’ torture machine:

Winston’s torture starts in real earnest and is presided over by O’Brien himself. At first it is sheer brutal physical torture, incessant blows all over, reducing him to a cowering animal confessing to anything and everything, implicating everybody if only the pain would stop. Then the guards are replaced by the intellectuals of the Party who inflict subtler kinds of pain and reduce him to an abject cringing wreck crying from sheer humiliation and exhaustion … In the last stage, O’Brien takes over personally, with Winston connected to an electric dial by means of which O’Brien can impose any degree of pain he wishes. O’Brien tells Winston that he is there to be cured of his mental fallacies.

Now it’s Bishop Williamson who must be cured of his mental fallacies, and he has three weeks to change his mind. It’s all so very – for lack of a better word – Orwellian. But just like Orwell said, in times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Which now makes the good Bishop a revolutionary, and Public Enemy Number One to the Party. In other words, he’s Winston, they’re O’Brien, and the two are about the meet. As his Excellency said in the sermon:

The Party wants to get inside people’s minds and souls, until the Party controls even two and two are four. If the Party wishes to say two and two are five, then two and two are five. Two and two will be what the Party says they are.

Interestingly enough, Bishop Williamson’ s problem with the Party also concerns a mathematical issue, but not two and two are five. O’Brien insists 6 million, but Winston says far fewer, based on the evidence he has reviewed. But who cares anything about evidence? This is a matter of forcing conformance to the Party on an honest man in order to break his will. Not to mention force an honest man to lie, which used to be a sin, last time I checked. Are you listening Bishop Fellay?

If the Party can convince you that two and two are five, then the Party is virtually in control.

And control is what this is really all about. Mind control, to be exact. Because the one thing I have noticed throughout this entire media drama is that not one person has suggested the obvious. Why not put an end to the whole debate, once and for all, by conducting a new investigation? They could use all the latest technology and employ the best scientists in the field, so then there could be no room for doubts. But the problem is:  scientists have conducted new investigations using the latest technology, but their findings contradicted the Party line. And so they were sent to jail. Now I don’t know how many Jews died during World War II, and any loss of human life is tragic. But as far as I’m concerned, even without looking at the evidence, if people are in jail for questioning the number 6 million, then someone has something to hide. Someone fears loss of control. His Excellency again:

 In between the Party and mankind is the question of Truth. If there is objective truth, then the Party will be sooner or later undone.

And who does His Excellency define as the Party? He states that globalism is a continuation of Communism, a soft form of Stalinism. World Government enforced by a police state. This makes me think of Archbishop Lefebvre who fought to have the Second Vatican Council issue a condemnation of Communism. But he was overruled by the highest authority in the Church. So the next time you hear the Pope or the President speak highly of globalism, be very afraid. Actually, I don’t have to tell some traditional Catholics to be afraid, they’re already losing control of their bowels. Poor Bishop Williamson. A lifetime in service of the Church, and he’s all alone on the battlefield. Those who should be bringing up reinforcements are praying that he will just recant. His Excellency:

If the truth makes you free, then the corroborative of that is: lies will enslave you.

But some people would rather be enslaved, if it means they won’t have to confront the O’Briens. They’d prefer just to go back to debating the validity of the new Mass, abstaining from meat on Fridays, and retreat into the catacombs. But this time, the catacombs are not going to be an option, because they have no intention of leaving us alone. They’re too close now to achieving their dreams of total world dominion. And there is absolutely no room in the new world order for the traditional Catholic faith. And I would remind my non-Catholic Christian friends, if you think this situation with Bishop Williamson only applies to the Catholics: think again. All of us are in this thing together. Remember that famous poem written by a Lutheran pastor who himself survived the Holocaust? First they came for the Catholics….yada, yada, yada.

Bishop Williamson explains in his sermon that since George Orwell was not a Christian, Winston caved in completely. That’s because he didn’t have any higher Faith. In other words, he didn’t have a higher Truth to fight for. But Bishop Williamson knows the Truth, has the Faith, and has not been afraid to speak out – even to those who can’t handle the Truth! Since he knows that this is ultimately a spiritual battle (Christ vs. anti-Christ), something Winston didn’t understand, he knows that he can survive O’Brien’s torture machine. Even if it costs him his life (or freedom). He has been given a rare gift that most Christians will never be offered: the opportunity to be a saint. Most priests and bishops toil away in obscurity, and pass from this life unnoticed. Very few are offered the gift of martyrdom like Saints Thomas More, John Fisher, Edmund Campion, and Margaret Clitherow. Bishop Williamson’s name could one day be added to that illustrious list of English saints. If he stands up for the Truth.

He must have had a premonition of his fate with the closing words of his sermon:

Ask God to strengthen your faith so that you and I will not crumble in the hands of today’s O’Briens.

I have confidence in His Excellency that he will not crumble in the hands of the O’Briens. After all, somebody has got to stand up to them – and be a hero of the Faith, a hero of the Church! Kyrie eleison.

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  1. Yes the bishop is a very brave man , anyone these days who is God fearing is brave . Slowly the emporor is being descovered by honest people all over the world to be naked .The Muslims and Christians in Palestine know the truth, the torture inflicted by Israel only makes their faith stronger . In the last massacre the Palestians kept saying , “Trust in God and we will prevail” thats what everone should say and mean it !

  2. Thanks for this fine post.
    It perfectly hits the nail on the head.

    God bless Bishop Williamson. God bless you fellow catholics.

  3. This is truly a defining moment in history. This is HUGE. Push has been coming to shove for centuries. I believe the final conflict is about to begin. Everyone has a choice to make…which team are you going to be on? I’m personally a nondenominational Christian. The church(churches) have been subverted/infiltrated for quite some time. Protocol #17 describes it well.

  4. I acknowledge that I am a nobody, but–for what it’s worth–I stand by His Excellency.

    Take heart, Your Excellency, for you have been chosen by God to imitate Our Lord before the Sanhedrin. One can almost hear the chorus of self-indulgent histrionic garment-rending and howls of blasphemy (against the new super-dogma). And the NewChurch prelates cannot rend their garments fast enough, trying to one-up each other in their demonstrations of obeisance and submission to the heralds of Antichrist.

    And tragically, Bishop Fellay now plays the part of Peter, with his increasingly vehement denials of Bishop Williamsom (did I read three?). “I (curse and) swear that I do not know this man.” Sounds like Bishop Fellay seeks to make his place in the NewChurch at all costs. I pray that, like Peter, he converts to strengthen his flock.

    No, Bishop Fellay, as can be seen by the recent events, this is not just irrelevant “nonsense” unrelated to the Faith (per Your Excellency’s statement to Spiegel). It lies at the very crux of the battle between Church and Antichurch, between Christ and Antichrist. Have you forgotten how Paul VI wore the ephod of Caiaphas in public? Clearly, with Vatican II, an enemy hath done this. Venture to say who that enemy may have been? Could it have been the same people who established Communism (both ideologically and through their financial support)? Or, ironically, the same people who funded Hitler?

    May God have pity on the Church.

  5. This whole thing is heartbreaking but I am proud of Bishop Williamson for having the guts not to yield. I’m so glad for this blog, that there are people willing to stand with the Bishop.

  6. “If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear”

    That logic seems to apply to every other conceivable invasion of personal privacy and freedoms…why not in this case?
    If there is overwhelming evidence proving the Holocaust,let the evidence be presented in open court so the claims of the “deniers” can be discredited once and for all.Why would you not want to see both sides present their cases and let the facts decide the truth.Anything else will just perpetuate lies and conspiracy claims.Truth is determined by unbiased factual evidence no matter how you slice it.Its the basis of the entire Western legal system…Dogma and accusations do not determine reality.Enough already..

  7. It is situations such as this and the continued depredations on David Irving that have convinced me that the Holocaust(tm) is a massive hoax. Not only that, but I now think that the worst thing about the Holocaust(tm) is that it never happened.

  8. For an example of how population figures are manipulated to defend the 6 million number check out David Harris’s blog on Bishop Williamson at the Jerusalem Post. A commenter named Rachel Israel claims that the pre-war Jewish population of Chernowitz (Czernowitz) was 250,000 and only 25,000 survived. Yet according to a website on Yiddish Literature ( the prewar population of Czernowitz was only 50,000.

  9. God Bless the Bishop.

  10. Maybe the Nazi pope can get some help in this battle from the fugitive Cardinal Law, the pedophile enabler who helped cover up the scandals and kept sending perv priests to other parishes, where they could “prey” again.

    Should be a good match, since when he was a Cardinal, Ratzy threatened the victims and their families with excommunication if they persisted in their claims against the Church.

    And this is the pope who you expect to stand up for truth and justice?

    He’s turning into another Zio-Clown, to be moved around like some damned marionette.

    Guess who’s pulling the strings?

    Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing? Isn’t the pope considered the “Lamb of God?

    Isn’t a lamb a type of sheep?

  11. I want to thank you for your fabulous insight in this matter. Every posting is better than the last.
    I am a former catholic (sorry, can’t reconcile the robes and splendor, the traditions etc with the Bible). This dust-up reaffirms my opinions that the catholic church doesn’t even own a Bible at all! (just yesterday they were embracing evolution??)
    However, I am supporting Bishop Williamson 100%. I hope he finds the strength to stand up, speak out and call out the lies. Please, point at the Pope and call him a liar. Infallible? Hardly! Christian? NOT at all!
    Liar? Absolutely! Heretic? Absolutely!
    I hope Bishop Williamson excommunicates this satanic Pope!

  12. I live knowing my leaders are trying to enslave and control me. I live knowing they want to poison my food and my planet. I live knowing that truth can be found if you are earnest in seeking it.

    Bishop Williamson is a hero standing up to the face of Neo-naziism and the richest most vile men on the planet.

  13. The problem with the holocaust industries narrative is that they have been lying to us. Every one – every man, woman, child, pet – of every faith and walk of life was a victim of the holocaust.

    Germany was not defeated by the profit producing genocide machines of the “Alliance”. Germany was destroyed by plagues, pestilence, lack of food, energy and medicine. At the end of the war, Germany had absolutely no infrastructure. Everyone in Germany was a holocaust victim. 9 year old boys and 90 year old men were dawning any uniform they could find on a dead German soldiers body to pretend they were soldiers. The camps were not set up to as interment assets, the evolved because they were closest to the distribution centers – where the food was – where the medicine was – where the fuel to warm bitter German winters was.

    In fact, Jews had better camps than German goys. They had pools, tennis courts, houses of prostitution.

    Regardless – there were no fat pink happy beautiful people to be found anywhere in Germany at wars end. Those who survived are those you see in the emaciated bodies the holocaust industry claims were only Jews.

    The holocaust industry also seeks to condition us into believing that a Zionist and a Jew are one in the same. Not so. A Zionist is not a Jew. A Zionist is a Zionist – period.

    Zionism is a racist dominion heresy used to manipulate weak victims of institutional inadequacy conditioning. Every body hates you because you’re better than they are.

    There were no Ashkenazi on Noah’s Ark – and Abraham was an Iraqi – and no amount of research or word smithing from
    the Hebrew University in Tel Aviv will change that.

    In fact, the name Tel Aviv, was also the name of the Nazi ship that deposited German Zionists in Palestine in 1938. The Nazis gave the Zionist machine parts and bunches of Nazi Marks.

    Germany was trapped between the biggest genocide of our history committed by a man calling himself a Jew and headlines in Zionist controlled Europe screaming, “Judea Declares War on Germany”.

    Zionism actually began its war against Germany in 1913 with the WZO (World Zionist Organization), through an agenda formalized in the Declaration of Balfour, that needlessly extended WWI by years and caused millions of more unnecessary deaths. Balfour gave birth to the blackmail of Woodrow Wilson by bag man, and supreme court justice, Brandies. That blackmail led to America’s entry into WWI and the Federal reserve, the bank that caused the Great depression of 1929, and he same bank that cooked the books to deliver the worst economic crisis man has know – it’s coming folks and it’s coming hard.

    Unlike De Mills Easter Fantasy. “The 10 Commandments”, there were no white Egyptian Jews, or Egyptian Goy, in ancient Egypt. Moses, like most Egyptians in ancient times, was more Ethiopian than anything else. And absolutely no ancient Egyptian had an English Accent.

    We have been lied to. The biggest criminal gang in history has robbed us of our harvest, has made the word “Jew” a word to “spit”. Zionists are gangsters. They receive protection from rackets like the Holocaust Industry, Settlement Industry, the Jewish Mythology Industry. Tel Aviv is not the capital of Israel. Tel Aviv is a mob hideout of loss leader capos and driveling false Jew Zionists to assure the flow of our blood soaked harvest into the tills of the American War and Oil Exchange’s counting rooms.

    Prepare your selves my brothers and sisters. We have not seen nothing yet. The truth of those who steal from us in the same breath they belittle us by calling us “consumers”, will soon have to come to grips with that assertion, as we consume them, their children and the soulless trinkets that gives their lives value. We are not consumers. We produce, we till, we harvest, we make everything they feed off of. We are the producers. They are the soon to be consumed.

  14. critics of Bishop Williamson say nothing about Gaza, Palestine, Iraq, Afganistan, international bankers, they say nothing about lies of 9/11. They want to destroy our church and the world. Finally we should know where the evil empire is.

  15. Courage is defined as the ability to face danger, difficulty, uncertainty, or pain without being overcome by fear or being deflected from a chosen course of action; Bishop Williamson has demonstrated that he has what it takes to go against the indoctrinated conventional thought. Let us lend our support to the Bishop and let us all hope that the time will come when the history of the ‘Holocaust’ will be reviewed and revised to the truth were ever it may lie.

  16. I am not Catholic, but I admire the brave and honest Bishop. Today, when so many leaders sell out to keep their jobs, this one leader stands up for what he believes is the truth. Catholics should be proud that he is one of them.

  17. Thank you for another great column. I, too, stand with Bishop Williamson.
    Kyrie eleison… Christe eleison.

  18. Bishop Richard Williamson, with his absolute devotion to the truth, regardless of the consequences, is my ideal of what a Catholic priest should be. At last I have found a man of prominence in the world whom I can admire (although I must say that Jimmy Carter with his recent writings on Palestine is getting close).

  19. I think the Bishop should be allowed to state his opinions.

    There is no way to know exactly how many died in the WWII holocaust, and I see nothing wrong in researching this event in history and questioning every aspect of it. What I do find extremely strange is that researchers can be ostracized, their lives ruined and be thrown in prison for it. The truth is no defense, either, and is not permissible as evidence. I think it odd that the number of 6 million has been fixated on. Additionally, survivor victims of every modern holocaust or genocide, BUT ONE, has welcomed the research and want the truth to be known and made public. To question it is to deny it? I smell a big rat here. It indicates something is being hidden which should be brought to the light of day.

    I think today’s churches put Israel and the holocaust religion before Jesus Christ. To me, it indicates that these churches have been infiltrated and their members propagandized and brainwashed. I don’t know about anyone else, but I worship the Lord, not a country or a specific event in time.

    What is more, government policies regarding Israel are supported and carried out to the detriment of this country and its citizens. Who is really running this country? Tax money should be used to benefit THE PEOPLE, not to be sent to a foreign country that is capable of taking care of itself. If a nation cannot succeed after 60 years of massive aid from a foreign country, well…….

    Of course, not being Catholic, I can only speak for myself and what I have seen occurring in evangelical churches I have attended in the past.

    I no longer attend church. I am no longer a supporter of the State of Israel.

    Two hate crime bill have just been submitted to Congress. Historically, these bills have shown to be detestable to Americans. We have had to fight every bill that has been submitted. HOW MANY TIMES MUST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE STATE THEIR WISHES REGARDING THESE BILLS? Every American should stand against any type of bill that attacks the First Amendment. If this bill passes, it will be used against Christians. Call your representatives. The only thing that has stopped these bills in the past are the overwhelming number of calls opposing them.

    Maybe Abe Foxman should retire to Israel if he cannot respect the laws of this nation, including the First Amendment.

  20. The good bishop has been given three weeks to straighten up or else.
    Meanwhile the Pope is heading to Israel to apologize to the Jews for two thousand years of misdeeds by Christians.
    Somewhere along the line, the Pope has lost the plot; the Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus Christ and the Pope is going to apologize to them????
    Since when does the pope go to Jerusalem to pay homage to the Jews? This is absolutely surreal…
    Michael Hoffman nailed it with the following:
    “First, The rabbinic “Shoah” is a Trojan horse inside Christianity and its refutation does indeed concern “faith and morality” since it betrays the Gospel by derogating Calvary and substituting it with Auschwitz as the central martyrdom of western history “.
    The Pope’s bending at the will of “public and political” opinion, has defined him as far from infallible and thus totally unsuited to be the leader of the souls within the Catholic faith. His absolute failure to demand a settling of this for once and for all and to define the actual truth and numbers of the matter is ironic; considering that prior to being made Pope he was prefect in charge of “The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith”; which was of course previously known as the “Inquisition”.
    Kowtowing in Jerusalem, unsure of his facts and unquestioningly relying on the officially sanctioned dogma of the “shoah” as his guide in the matter, he leads the Catholic church into disrepute and ridicule… You couldn’t make this up.

  21. What a joy it was to hear of His Holiness`s lifting of the
    ex-communications; then this. To be a Catholic these days
    is to suffer, not like in days gone bye, admittedly, but to
    be torn by grief at the total obesiance of Rome to those
    responsible for the murder of Our Lord. The “children of
    Hell” will never be satisfied until they have eliminated every
    last vestige of Christianity. We have just had an example
    of how our (sic) “elder brothers in the faith” treat their
    perceived enemy`s in Palestine; that in time will be our fate
    too, unless we stand up to them like the noble Bishop
    Williamson. We must, all of us, bombard Our Blessed Mother
    with Rosaries on his behalf. He must not be abandoned, it
    will be to our everlasting shame if he is. D. Edmund Brady.

  22. “Lest even the elect be deceived…”

    I hope His Lordship reads blogs like this one, which will positively show him that he is not alone, and hopefully, give him strength to continue to fight the good fight. Pray for him, folks…and for all who suffer injustice in God’s name.

    “A great falling away…”

    The Bishop of Rome has enraged the Faithful, and confused us: folks, I worried about this happening in advance of it so doing, and, the only response I could come up with then, and now, is: to follow my own sensus catholicus, and whatever else may happen, to Trust in God. DV

    Where is the Seat of Satan?

    Where Dis is surrounded by its money-lending horde of false Jews who are white on the outside but black on the inside; i.e., Washington DC vs. London vs. Tel Aviv??? Take your pick. Jerusalem is the final target…and when that is in evidence…

    God’s Chosen People

    Truly, these are they who were, and are (still) being slaughtered in the land of Palestine by the false Jews (Kazhars) in that shitty little country…and the other false Jews who serve Satan whether in the USA / UK / France / EU / etc…

    The Lord misses nothing… His Will Be Done.

    God Bless One and All

  23. […] of big brother? Let’s pray it will be. Nothing but praise and support for Bishop Williamson:…o-the-obriens/ — ___ _______ ___ ___ ___ __ ____ / _ / __/ _ | / _ / _ / _ |/ / / / / / // / _// __ |/ // / […]

  24. This is a wonderful column.

    Thank God for such great men as Bishop Williamson. We need them desperately now.

  25. And what’s your solution? To get on your knees and
    pray fot deleverance

  26. The “6 million genocide” is one of the PILLARS of the Jew World Order.

    So if that lie is exposed and corrected, then half of their world will also collapse like a house of cards. They will lose their “entitlement” to Israel and “prerogative” to ethnically cleanse Arabs out with abandon.

    So this is why it is KEY to use the sword of truth to chop down this lie here – in order to slay the JW0 that threatens us all.

    Personally, I researched this topic on my own and came to the very same conclusion as he did – that 100K-300K (not 6 million) Jews died as a result of starvation (not intentional gassing) when the Allies cut off German supply lines. Sorry, but that is simply what all the evidence shows. So, I salute this courageous warrior for the truth!

    Onward ho!

  27. Thank you for another posting that squarely hits the nail of truth on the head…Bishop Williamson has my undying support, I pray the other Bishops of the SSPX would not fear to stand with him in this crucial time. God bless Bishop Williamson and give him strength! Kyrie eleison!

  28. May I ask you what religion you are and why it was important to you to bring up English saints?

    Mel, you cannot be serious. You mean, you really can’t figure out my religion or the connection with English saints? Ok:
    1. Catholic
    2. Because Bp. Williamson could join them

  29. Excellent post…. I live in Canada, a country where if you question the Holocaust, you are arrested, tried in a kangaroo court, found guilty no matter what, and then sent to jail for years. THAT is what happened to a brave person named Ernst Zundel, who’s only crime was to question the NUMBER of victims of the holocaust… Not the Holocaust itself! This shows the evil power of these monsters, and what their goals are really about, absolute domination over us, the “Goy”.

    They are following their evil Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to the letter, because it states clearly their aim to destroy Christianity. Elevating the Holocaust to the same level as Jesus Christ has always been their aim. The actions of the POPE in begging “forgiveness” from these monsters shows that he too is nothing more than a puppet under their control

    I say the same as others, repeal the draconian “hate laws”, and let examination of the facts of history speak for themselves!

  30. Its crazy that the 6 million figure has been repeated so much that most people just accept it as fact. We can tell some ‘brainwashing’ has taken place by the way people react if someone disagrees with the myths, evidence and proof are shut out.

  31. You know, I gotta admire this guy for standing up against the OLD world order{look up people and things like Rothschild and the Council of Nicaea, etc. and you’ll find mounds of evidence we’ve been under control for some time. Not even America has ever had more than a brief respite from
    the control of these people. The term NWO, is therefore inaccurate, although many crooks, liars and idiots like Alex Jones, Texe Marrs, and Webster Tarpley won’t admit this} but where has religious faith gotten us? I was truly faithful to Christianity once, and this was back in the days before I knew about Zionism or the Rothschilds or the CFR or anything. But when I started wising up about 9/11 and Palestine, I soon realized that pretty much everything else I had ever been told was also all a lie created by those people.
    Rock and jazz music corrupting youth, Communism being the greatest threat to world peace, Israel being a democratic state, and even John Lennon being killed by Mark David Chapman. All were lies. And I fell for pretty much everything in the whole goddamn motherxxxxing book.

    I no longer feel sorry for myself, and neither should you guys. Tough times are ahead for all of us. But let’s keep going. These elites are already irreversibly screwed, and we have the chance to end their 1,700+ year reign over the West and the rest of the planet, before they do any more damage. Thank you for your time.

  32. So true.
    We are definitely living in “great times” …


  33. I`m not a church-goer,but I am deeply impressed with the Christians who still believe in what Jesus Christ said:”I am the truth,and the truth shall set you free”.
    The good Bishop`s brave stand in these mendacious times is a joy to behold.Truly a gift from God.

  34. No one can force any one to believe anything. What is the harm in having debate and eleberations over the events of the past. I think this whole controversy is raked up now just to mask what the Israelis did in Gaza. Holocaust is debatable, but what Israelis did in Gaza, towards Muslims and Christians, we all saw for ourselves. Non debatable.

  35. Wonderful post, the ultimate weapon is the “truth” and it will defeat those that pursue tyranny against the minds of men and the destruction of the soul. Now what is the truth? The truth is there are a group of creatures that dwell amongst us that look similiar to those of us that belong to God’s creation identified as men and women but you need look no farther than the beady eyes, jackal like hears and equally foreign probocis of these monsters in comparison with the physical attributes of man or women to decipher from who is whom. The entire purpose of this manifested theory of de-evolution enbodied in the mutation of the troglodyte; mainly refered to as “Jew”, most recently as of today “zionist”, its entire existance and will of this scally cold blooded creature is dedicated with the utter most intent to destroy the rest of the natural inhabitants of this world and become the dominant species upon this little planet we call earth it’s as simple as that. The Jew/Zionist has used the minipulation of fiat money and usery through out the centuries as well as today to try to achieve and facilitate their eventual goal for their species they refere to as “Utopia” (the complete rule by the Jews on earth) enslaving all those they decide to allow to live to serve them in their “New World Order”. This depraved breed is on the verge of their, as they see it thru the dark souless eyes representing the abyss of eternal damnation they represent, the resolve of all they have conspired to usurp thru all the centuries in the shadows and in darkness plotting and scheming, now, by blatantly and quite obviously capturing the federal government of The United States of America, they have the power to bring to conclusion all they believe is part of some devine plan from God as “the chosen people” of Israel to rule the world. The rest of the us know the madness of these imposters that refer to themselves as God’s chosen people. Why do most men kneel before these beasts? because they are the God of mammon the representation of the fallen angel Lucifer the ruler of this world.

    Luke Chapter 4:

    5) And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time.

     6) And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it.

     7) If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine.

     8) And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

    “We the People” must unite and fight valently along side all those righteous of this world in the coming apocalypse against those chosen to join Jesus Christ in the next world against the children of their father the devil and fulfill Gods word as on earth as it is in heavan. Finally let us remember God helps those that help themselves. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear pray for those that don’t may God once again Bless America, Long live the Republic!!!

    Edward, I know how you feel and I appreciate the Bible verses. But never forget that Jewish people are our fellow human beings who are fully capable of being saved through Christ. Only God truly knows the role they are playing and why; but they are not some sub-human species of creatures. Think of Brother Nathaniel and others who have accepted Christ. Once I started to see all of this in spiritual terms, I turned it all over to God and decided just to pray for their conversion, which I do constantly.

  36. An absolutely riveting article. Bravo.

    Had Bishop Williamson been around when I lost my first love via ‘trendy’ liturgy, clergy coming on to me (sexual advances- gross!), and ALL the banal songs (‘Eagles Wings’ etc. makes me puke) and all the rest that passed for music; joined with overtly feminazi nuns, ‘uppity’ laity, and a whole host of tangible losses (Rosary, Benediction, etc.) WAY back in 1974, I would never have left [the Church].

    Thanks be to God I never lost my Faith, in spite of the Church!

    He [Williamson] is in the mold of Luther, St. Mark of Ephesus, St. Nicholas (who struck the heretic Arius at the First Ecumenical Council) and a whole host of other men of God, who would rather serve Christ as King, than the ‘powers that be.’ The UTTER APOSTASY of Benedict [Arnold] in worshiping the Moloch of the Talmudics recently, is as Michael Hoffmann noted, a sign of a New Theology, that nullifies the Incarnation. Such overt error, heresy, and blasphemy bespeaks the End.

    May YHWH God shorten the days, ‘for the sake of the Elect’- the Folk of Christendom, and ONLY them! – Amen.

    -Fr. John
    Orthodox Priest

  37. I wrote to the Bishop and told him about your website and how so many defend him and pray for him. We also need to pray very much for the Pope. Time is short! Fr. Kramer, in his article that all should read, “WWIII or Worse”, tells us what to expect from catholic prophecy at

    Father Kramer: From the evidence we have discussed, this much at least seems clear: The Church will undergo a great apostasy among many of Her members, which is plainly already underway. Then there will be a world war in which much of the world’s population will die, the Church will be persecuted as never before and driven underground, and Rome itself may possibly be devastated. This is the scenario that fits perfectly the Third Secret vision, where the Pope is executed and prominent churchmen and lay people have been slaughtered in a half-ruined city. And that is why Cardinal Ratzinger, when he spoke of the Third Secret in 1984, mentioned the dangers “to the faith and the life of the Christian, and therefore [the life of] the world.” Both the Church and the world will suffer catastrophe. Given Cardinal Ratzinger’s admission that Fatima and Akita are essentially the same message, no other conclusion seems reasonable.

  38. Neither is Williamson brave, nor does he stands for the truth.
    As a member of the Lefebvre sect, his life is a constant insanity.
    “Sure, the church of Vatican 2 is a schismatic church – but it is the Catholic church nevertheless.”
    “Sure, Ratzinger not the full and supreme power of jurisdiction over the universal Church – but he is the pope nevertheless.”
    And so on ad infinitum…
    The Lefebvre sect has only one ambition: To keep everybody away from Catholicism (read: “sedevacantism”).
    For the sect of “Vatican 2”, the “holocaust” dogma is essential, as Claude Lanzmann explained: “Auschwitz is the refutation of Christ”. Williamson – and everybody else – must condemn this blasphemy in public and without any fear.

  39. Great article. Thanks for all your efforts.

  40. Bishop Williamson is the brave follower of Jesus Christ and stands for the forever truth.
    He and all priest of the FSSPX beware the one and only roman catholic church through the windswept hours of Vatican 2. In so far we thank the great Lord Allmighty for the defender of truth and loyalty to Jesus Christ. Yes the priests of FSSPX are the real fishermen in the name of Jesus.
    So let us pray the Rosary for straight priest like Bishop Williamson and also the FSSPX bishops to continiue the fight against all modernism and sedivacatism. Pray for the Holy Father.
    Thank’s Lord for FSSPX – the keeper of the forever trid. Mass!

  41. […] Full Story Here […]

  42. Truth is indeed beauty – and the freedom to recognize and uphold the truth is the freedom to resist uglification of our world and the enslavement of humanity.

    Well done for raising this issue.

    I offer a couple of items on my own blog for those who may be interested.

    The first is satirical

    Anti-Spittlism on the Rise – see

    The second features Bishop Williamson speaking about 9-11.

    Holy Means Whole – see

  43. Finally someone of the clergy has the balls to stand up to these Zionist liars. I am no Catholic, but I am proud of Bishop Richard Williamson. I think he should replace the present crypto-jew Ratzinger (Rat) as Pope, since the old Rat apparently has never read his Bible. The Bible warns us about the “fears of the jews”. Jesus did not fear their ideological brothers the Pharisees. Quite a few Protestant and Catholic clergy could learn something from Bishop Williamson, that is to “be a Berean” and to “Study to show yourself approved before God and men”. This “Synagogue of Satan” (the Zionist New World Order) will be brought down eventually, nothing stands forever, except the truth and GOD!

  44. Indeed a very good article, even if you read it twice.

    What’s concerning the bad comment of “Father Rolf Hermann Lingen”, I’ve to add he’s a sedevacantist and really thinks he is the only roman catholic priest in his country (maybe in the whole world). So, let’s not take this too seriously!

    Bishop Williamson however is a real roman catholic bishop and for sure the bravest bishop in the world. God bless him. We dedicate our rosary to him. If such a man was Pope, the Church would be save.

    He said a lot of times: “Watch and pray, watch and pray, fifteen mysteries every day”.

  45. There is great support for Bishop Wlliamson here in Ireland but many are betraying him. Many are backstabbing Bishop Williamson.

  46. Cindy…let’s hope he reads our words of support and never wavers.

  47. Hello from Sweden!

    Have you compared the map of Poland of 1939 and of 1945 ?
    The whole of eastern Poland disappeared into the Soviet union together with most of the ethnic Ukrainians, Belorussians and Jews.
    The ethnic Poles (who did not end up in Gulag or Katyn) were moved into the former eastern territories of Germany.
    This is partly explaining the big reduction of Jews in Poland during WWII, not to contradict that a lot of them also died.

  48. Bishop Williamson has only touched upon one of the hoaxes (and crimes) perpetrated by the Jews. These people didn’t earn the title of ‘nation destroyers’ for nothing. Thanks to the internet their lies about history are being exposed and there’s nothing they can do about it. The bishop has the support of many and he knows it. Shame on the Church and the Pope. It’s been known that Jews infiltrate and subvert any faith that dares oppose them, so there’s no need to wonder why he’s not being supported by people who are supposed to be his own.

    Read ‘Waters Flowing Eastward’ by Paquita de Shishmareff for authentication of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

  49. A man of courage. A new discovery of mine is ex-Naval officer David Gerrish, another man of great courage. Here is his most recent speech – BRIAN GERRISH STATE OF THE NATION

  50. It’s good to find a blogger (or anyone) who supports Bishop Williamson. I attended Traditional Conciliar TLM for several years, and the “Dons” there spread much smear on how BW was crazy and a troublemaker.
    I attend an SSPX Chapel exclusively now, due to the strength of The SSPX being firm on holding on to The Whole Traditional Enchilada. I could not see why BW is being persecuted and libeled; and I am finding out that Bishop Fellay is aiding and abetting the Con-silly-ars?
    I am trying to also get a handle on the Fr. Abramowicz scandal – much to read…
    All that being said, the reason for Tradition is to get to Heaven by Adoring God through His One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. I support BW and pray for the Society. much us little sheep do not know about back door issues.

  51. Holistic Skincare…

    […]Standing up to the O’Briens « Truth is Beauty[…]…

  52. Nội Thất Nam Hoàng…

    […]Standing up to the O’Briens « Truth is Beauty[…]…

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