The Crucifixion of Bishop Williamson


bpwilliamson_classroom As I observe the vilification of Bishop Williamson occurring in the Catholic blogosphere, I can’t help but recall the gospel account of the crucifixion of Christ Himself. For with the exception of the Blessed Mother and St. John, the rest of His apostles had abandoned Him, quaking in their boots  “for fear of the Jews” (John 19:38).

Fast forward 20 centuries and something eerily similar seems to be happening again. Only this time, the person being abandoned and crucified is Bishop Richard Williamson of the Society of St. Pius X. And what was his crime, pray tell? It seems His Excellency has a penchant for speaking the truth to power, something Our Lord Himself was not afraid to do, including the following flamer – right to the Pharisees’ faces (John 8:44):

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it.

Now that is politically incorrect! Good thing Jesus isn’t around in human form these days or He just might find himself in a German prison, like Ernst Zundel or Germar Rudolf, or anyone else who dares to question the Holocaust™. Because I am convinced that if Jesus were still alive on this earth in human form, there would be no shortage of Christians dutifully denouncing Him as a threat to Jewish-Christian relations! It really has become that pathetic.

Bishop Williamson is personally responsible for the fact that I am no longer a sedevacantist and that I pray day and night for the conversion of the Jews. I no longer feel that same level of toxic bitterness coursing through my veins when I think of all that we (of the post-Conciliar generation) have suffered as a result of having been thrown under the bus by those who should have protected us. I see it all in spiritual terms now, and I realize that it is not for me to understand why things have gone so wrong in the Church, and, by default, in society. But it is my duty to be the best Catholic woman I can be, to try to be a light to others, and always to speak the truth in charity. Charity is just another word for love. Thank you, Your Excellency.

And this is the man they’re persecuting! A man who for the last 20 years has brought the Traditional Latin Mass to millions of the faithful, baptized their children, heard their confessions, and maintained tradition, while staying faithful to Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. To those traditional Catholics who are now throwing Bishop Williamson under the bus, I say, shame, shame, shame!  They would probably throw Christ Himself under the bus if He dared to question the Holocaust™. I don’t know definitively how many Jews died in concentration camps during World War II. But I do find it awfully suspicious that people are thrown in jail for questioning an historical event. (And even more disturbing that so many Americans don’t seem to have a problem with that, as we brag about our freedom of speech.) The Holocaust has become like a secular dogma that cannot be questioned on pain of imprisonment or shunning. But if six million Jews really were killed in concentration camps, you would think that professional investigations would be welcomed, using the latest forensic technology to verify the event. After all, I don’t know of any other group of genocide victims that refuses to allow investigations. But when even the Auschwitz museum has lowered the number of Jews killed there from 4 million to 1.5 million, and Red Cross records reveal far fewer than 1 million deaths, it does not bode well for the number six million. Unless there’s a new kind of math where six million minus any sum must always equal six million.

No one is denying that a significant number of Jews died in concentration camps under Hitler, who would not otherwise have died had they not been rounded up and placed in camps without due process of law. But there were many others who died in those camps besides Jews, and even many other Holocausts. Let’s start with the tens of millions of Christians killed in the Soviet Union under (mainly) Jewish Communists. It’s time for the truth to come out about all genocides. Let the healing begin.

By giving his honest opinion about an historical event, with no hatred in his heart, Bishop Williamson is now being shunned by the very people who should be standing beside him. But I’m convinced that many of these same turncoats wonder themselves why scientists are being thrown in jail for questioning the Holocaust, but they don’t have the ***** to say it out loud! If there’s any hope of restoring Christendom, it’s going to take men with courage and testosterone. Men like Bishop Williamson, who, despite his vow of celibacy, is more manly than the panty waists who can’t denounce him fast enough! These cowards are terrified that they won’t be able to get a rabbinic imprimatur for their next book, or God forbid, get their books published at all.

I understand what the trads are saying, that Bishop Williamson’s controversial opinions will somehow set back SSPX/Vatican relations in light of their recent rehabilitation. And I am grateful to the Holy Father for his kind gestures, namely, the lifting of the excommunications and the Motu Proprio allowing the Latin Mass. But the truth is that the SSPX should never have been excommunicated in the first place, unless all of our saints and ancestors should have been excommunicated as well. And my generation never should have been deprived of the Traditional Latin Mass in the first place, according to the infallible bull Quo Primum. So while it’s nice that they’ve (finally) acknowledged that the Latin Mass was never officially abrogated, that doesn’t do a whole lot of good for my generation whose birthright was officially stolen! How many lives and souls have been lost in the last 40 years as a result of this atrocity? Only the Good Lord knows, and we must trust in Him to enlighten the heart of Pope Benedict to turn back from this disastrous course (although I wouldn’t hold my breath). But it sure is nice to have a Catholic hero like Bishop Williamson who speaks the truth in charity, and who, history will show, was on the right side all along. As St. Paul once said (Gal. 4:16):

Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

Apparently so, in the case of Bishop Williamson. But in the words of Our Blessed Savior (John 8:32):

Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.


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  1. Bishop Williamson represented a great surge of hope and optimism for truth-seekers all over the world. It was also a chance to finally expose the deadly cabal that has power over most of the world’s governments, in essence, to expose the vampires to the light of day – thus draining them of their power to spread evil. Millions were hoping that the CHURCH would come down firmly on the side of this courageous man, and not waver an iota when then being hammered by the Seed of Satan. Alas, it seems that even those who should know are as corrupted as most of the flock. One has to wonder if they are a part of the same crowd who hounded and crucified Christ, and are part of their agenda of corruption. Their behavior certainly seems to indicate as much. The author’s statement about the Bishop being right will prove absolutely correct in the long run, when people of COURAGE instead of these wimpy cowards regain control. Many thanks to the author of this well-written and accurate article.
    Ray Goodwin

  2. Thank you my dear lady friend in tradition-we must stand behind this courageous Bishop and I’m so glad to see their are such people. You are so right, the truth should stand on it’s own if its the truth. The truth only becomes suspect when people try to hide it or keep it from public scrutiny like what is occuring in Europe.

  3. I applaud Bishop Williamson for his forthrightness – many others would have succumbed to undue pressure, like, for example, David Cole.

    Were we damaged by the thinking that the earth was flat?

    Yes – it limited exploration of our wonderful planet.

    Were we damaged by the concept of the earth being the center of the universe?

    We never could have advanced if we continued to believe in such a falsehood.

    False beliefs are the invisible chains by which humanity is shackled.

  4. I found the article painful to read – as I like many Catholics have been betrayed by a Pope who is NOT an honest and truthful man. I ‘held my tongue’ until finally I could ‘make no more excuses in my heart or mind. Somewhere along the line – the Zionists made him their ultimate sock-puppet. That conclusive observation at age 70 saddens me deeply.

    After watching the JEWS – PURPOSFULLY during the Christian celebration of the birth of Christ – murder in cold blood – among other totally innocent civilians – over a thousand terrified children – a good many being Christian – in a slaughter which had no parallel in recent history for sadistic barbaric animalistic sadism . Been there seen that – so no lectures from the peanut gallery please.

    There was not so much as a WHIMPER or tear of sorrow from the Vatican for the victims of those ghastly MONSTROUS war crimes TO ME – THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW! I decided that the ‘Church of Peter’ – as ordained by Christ Himself had been infected with same rot which has turned my once Christian American into a morally rotted corpse.

    Unlike 99.9999% of American citizens – I had spent time with the intelligence community INSIDE the occupied territories of Palestine some years ago, as well as in IsraHELL itself. I have witnessed horrors of man’s inhumanity to his fellow man in some dark corners of the world – but nothing prepared me for what I saw the Jews doing to other innocent defensless human beings – ESPECIALLY the children – in that immense concentration camp.

    Ever see a 5 year old crying trembling terrorized child get his brains blown out by a sadistic grown IDF soldier – JUST because the poor kid wasn’t a Jew? You haven’t ? I suggest that before you even THINK about ANY sympathy for these cold-blooded sadistic baby killers – you take a trip INSIDE Gaza – ALONE – the THEN – if you make it back alive – we’ll have a nice long talk about it – OK?

    Had I been on active duty with the militray then – I would probably expect to face a court-martial – had I had the audacity to speak these truths to anyone. Isn’t that how it works today?

    I am sick to death of hearing the ‘oh veys’ and ceaseless whining from those poor mistreated Jews. The Jews in Weimar Germany had done the same thing to that nation that the Jew has done here to my America in more recent times. That is to turn it into moral decay and opportunize the victims by every cunning shoddy immoral means available.

    I was an A-team Paratroop commander in the 60s and my ops Sgt. was a German national who became an American citizen. He told me what his family had to endure under the Jew when he was a child. Lying, cheating, usury, sexual indecency, perversion. homosexual activity, pornograpphy, seduction of the underage and the usual hatred of anything Christian, and all of the same that he has done to America today.

    I have PERSONALLY discovered a significant gigantic lie concerning the so – called hollocaust in Germany while I was there in Dachau. There were UNDENIABLE PER-SE EVIDENT TRUTHS – but just try to get the truth out in our Zionist controlled country today. The Bishop was depicting his feelings about the matter from his reading what he honestly believes to be factual evidence. His crime – ? voicing his sincere conclusions as an educated man.

    The Evidence that I possess was obtained not just from the research of others – but from my OWN DISCOVERY! The entire world should learn of these truths – and make their own conclusions – but of course in our Zionist censured politically correct USI – speaking the TRUTH TODAY – is Verboten!

    Any truth – UNLESS, of course – it is a truth which is ‘not acceptable’ to the Jews who own us. Don’t believe that? Just try to get ANYTHING published in ANY mainstream news media today – that reveals the truth ragarding Jew conduct – NO MATTER IF CHRIST HIMSELF CAME TO EARTH TO PROCLAIM IT — it would be censured.

    This is NOT The America that I grew up in. TRUTH was held inviolate and there is even a MANDATE FROM GOD – to speak the truth – NOT A ‘SUGGESTION’ .

    Perhaps the Bishop Williamson (whom I admire for his backbone to speak the truth) should grovel at the feet of our spineless shabus goy Pope and declare himself an active sodomy practicing homosexul pervert – as did a ‘popular’ Anglican Bishop recently and be in good graces again with the church – AND OF COURSE – more importantly – the JEWS – who with INORDINATE proportion – dominate homosexual perversions in America today!

    OH excse me! Did I just state another ‘umpopular’ TRUTH about the American Jew? Mea culpa – mea maxima culpa!

    BRAVO BISHOP WILLIAMSON – BRAVO! Scripture says that we will expect be reviled for speaking the truth. Our Lord was crucified for speaking it, and so will I and every other man who dares to speak it.

  5. Good for you, Bishop Williamson. Thank you for your righteousness and courage. We are indebted.

    Colleagues, here are three videos of Bishop Williamson, currently available on youtube.


    Bishop Williamson on George Orwell’s “1984,” and the Lies of 911, Part 1.

    Bishop Williamson on George Orwell’s “1984,” and the Lies of 911, Part 2.

    Bishop Williamson on the Holocaust of WWII.


    Carol A. Valentine

  6. Protocol No. 17


    2. WE HAVE LONG PAST TAKEN CARE TO DISCREDIT THE PRIESTHOOD OF THE “GOYIM,” and thereby to ruin their mission on earth which in these days might still be a great hindrance to us. Day by day its influence on the peoples of the world is falling lower. FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE HAS BEEN DECLARED EVERYWHERE, SO THAT NOW ONLY YEARS DIVIDE US FROM THE MOMENT OF THE COMPLETE WRECKING OF THAT CHRISTIAN RELIGION: as to other religions we shall have still less difficulty in dealing with them, but it would be premature to speak of this now. We shall set clericalism and clericals into such narrow frames as to make their influence move in retrogressive proportion to its former progress.

    3. When the time comes finally to destroy the papal court the finger of an invisible hand will point the nations towards this court. When, however, the nations fling themselves upon it, we shall come forward in the guise of its defenders as if to save excessive bloodshed. By this diversion we shall penetrate to its very bowels and be sure we shall never come out again until we have gnawed through the entire strength of this place.


    5. But, IN THE MEANTIME, while we are re-educating youth in new traditional religions and afterwards in ours, WE SHALL NOT OVERTLY LAY A FINGER ON EXISTING CHURCHES, BUT WE SHALL FIGHT AGAINST THEM BY CRITICISM CALCULATED TO PRODUCE SCHISM…

    6. In general, then, our contemporary press will continue to CONVICT State affairs, religions, incapacities of the GOYIM, always using the most unprincipled expressions in order by every means to lower their prestige in the manner which can only be practiced by the genius of our gifted tribe…

  7. A great essay and accusation. This time by a Lady (with a capital L).
    Just as great is the last comment by Joe Cortina.
    These truths have to be spread.
    The Internet seems to be, for the moment still, the only medium, as all TV-stations, newspapers, popular books, in the Western world, seem to be in the hands of this satanic cabal. What hope is there, when even the highest “Christian” leader belongs to them, or genuflects before them?

  8. Thank you Bishop Williamson! We owe you a debt for your righteousness and courage.

    Colleagues, here are some videos of Bishop Williamson speaking:

    Bishop Williamson on George Orwell’s “1984,” and the Lies of 911, Part 1.

    Bishop Williamson on George Orwell’s “1984,” and the Lies of 911, Part 2.

    Bishop Williamson on the Holocaust of WWII.

  9. After his resurrection Jesus told his disciples he had to leave them to go feed sheep in other lands before he ascended back into the Kingdom. Hard to say where all he went, all that he taught, or when?

    I alway’s considered if he came back in human form he’d live with a or among the Native tribes of what is now called America as there are stories from within tribes that he lived with them long before the Europeans arrived.

    Wovoca stated that Jesus visited him in this world, so Jesus was doing a little Interdimensionl Traveling tha day.

  10. Elie Wiesel’s reaction to the lifting of the excommunication of four SSPX bishops truly encapsulated Jewish arrogance and contempt. He stated that the move by Rome “shows that their sensitivity towards us as Jews is not what it should be” He may as well have said, “They have failed on this occasion to demonstrate the pathetic, groveling, submissive , obsequious posture that we, the Chosen Ones, demand from them, as is our incontestible right”

  11. The ugly impulse of Galileo-esque persecution lingers madly in the hearts of some.

    As it’s said: All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

    Justly, stage three isn’t far off.

  12. The good Bishop is correct, and honest.
    It has always bothered me that the Pope has said nothing about the genocide of the Palestinians, and lately in Gaza.
    These criminals continue to hide behind decent Jewish people’s skirts. They pretend to be Jews, all the while, serving some other heinous master.

    To slaughter defenseless children, women, and civilians this way is a crime against humanity and a war crime. Yet, the Pope says nothing about Gaza.

    So, I can only assume that the Pope is afraid of the criminals that run LIKUD, and both parties in the USA.
    The whole world is scared of these special men, in high places who own everything, and control everyone and have no conscience or morals.

    They murder and slaughter anyone, in their way, even our Catholic President Kennedy. They do it in broad daylight, the rest of them cover it up, and the rest of us remain mute, like slaves to the slaughter.

    Our bank accounts, equity and all wealth is next. The bankers are sizing up our grandchildren for value added.

    But, the Pope says nothing.
    Why is that?

    As for the Holocaust industry, I agree with Professor Finkelstein, it is a hyped up excuse to steal land from the Palestinians for the Rothechild state.

  13. I Met His Excellency Bishop Williamson at St. Gabriel the Archangel Chapel in 1998 or 1999 when he came to do confirmations. Now I live in Yerevan, Armenia. I am now convinced that the last real Pope was Gregory XVII (Cardinal Guiseppe Siri) who was murdered by the B’nai B’rith Freemasons in 1989. More info on that from

    John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II were all Antipopes, as is Ben-Ratz.

    We in Armenia await a true Pope. Perhaps that will be Bishop Williamson.

  14. Benjamin Netanyahu: Al Qaeda to blow up holiest Christian site

    …and how is it you KNOW EXACTLY what “the toilet” is going to do, Mr. Osam Bin Netanyahu?

    Never mind…we KNOW how you know. You’ll probably give the order to detonate the explosives.

    Zionism deliberately causing a war between christians and muslims. 911 redeux.

  15. Is all this a planned play to the audience?
    First a grovelling Mrs. Angela Merkel before the Knesset, onion in hand.
    Now a grovelling German pope, the head of more than 1 billion Catholics, trembling in fear of having offended the ”little people”, supposedly numbering very few, after allegedly losing 6 Million of their fellow Jews.
    This is cowardice in action on a grand scale.
    Dagmar Brenne 30. January 2009

  16. Having met Williamson, I can tell you that he hates women and is quite vocal about it. Why such a man is in the priesthood is beyond me. How can you hate half of the people whom you are supposed to serve?

    As for his claim to “traditionalism,” hating women is not traditional Catholic behavior. And neither is being consecrated bishop without a mandate from a legitimate pope, which he doesn’t have.

    You can’t be a judge in our society without being installed by legitimate authorities. Williamson was not made a bishop
    by the legitimate authority of the Catholic Church, the Pope, and his hatred of women is an example of his lack of authority. If he had real authority, his fault would either be corrected or he would be sent packing to a monastery for the rest of his life.

    To be a Catholic Pope, a man must first be Catholic. It should be obvious to anyone by now that a man who denies basic tenets of the Catholic religion as Ratzinger does is obviously not Catholic. Ratzinger denies the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and transubstantiation, which he as a priest performed in the True Mass (see St. John’s Gospel, 6th chapter, vs. 50-60).

    Therefore, Ratzinger cannot be Pope because you have to be Catholic to be a Pope. And he cannot lift ANYONE’s excommunication because he himself was excommunicated by his errors a long, long time ago.

  17. Bishop Richard Williamson indeed is being ‘thrown under the bus’ by morally confused trads at the insistence of Zionist-Talmudic rabbis, and I grieve over this. Talmudic Zionism is just another one of what I term the Modernist Ideologies that have so divided and bedeviled the world over the past three centuries. While the many, varied Modernist Ideologies each had its own historical originators and ideologues, the Father of Lies is the originator of all of them. The Church will, eventually, purge herself of the Talmudic scourge, in Gods’ Own time, and when that occurs, even many of the then-living trads will be amazed and stunned by how much demonic baggage will have to be disgorged and pronounced anathema sit. In the meantime, the key figure upon which all hearts and souls must place their faith and to whom they must tender their devoted love is our sweet loving Savior, who is Christ Jesus.

  18. bishop williamson has stated the truth and should be commended for it,instead he will be condemed.the pope being half jew is unlikely to say anything near the truth.that being the case then he should be removed from his position and replaced by somebody who is prepared to stand up and tell the truth.the age of the internet has given us a wealth of information,for those who can handle the truth it is a good thing.unfortunatly most people still watch the msm lies and think it’s the truth.

  19. Between the collapsing death toll at Auschwitz, ground sonar elsewhere finding undisturbed soil where mass graves were supposed to be, DNA testing demolishing the “soap from Jew fat myth, technological change is unwinding the holocaust somewhat.

  20. Elie Wiesel vs Encyclopaedia Britannica

    Wiesel has been a prominent spokesman for the very sizeable group of people known as Holocaust survivors. [According to Norman Finkelstein of the City University of New York in his book The Holocaust Industry published in 2000, ‘The Israeli Prime Minister’s office recently put the number of “living Holocaust survivors” at nearly a million’ (p.83)]. Wiesel has chaired the US Holocaust Memorial Council and has been the recipient of a Congressional Gold Medal and Nobel Peace Prize (sic).

    Time Magazine, March 18 1985:

    ‘How had he survived two of the most notorious killing fields [Auschwitz and Buchenwald] of the century? “I will never know” he says. “I was always weak. I never ate. The slightest wind would turn me over. In Buchenwald they sent 10,000 to their deaths every day. I was always in the last hundred near the gate. They stopped. Why?”

    Compare this with Encyclopaedia Britannica (1993), under ‘Buchenwald’:

    “In World War II it held about 20,000 prisoners.. Although there were no gas chambers, hundreds perished monthly through disease, malnutrition, exhaustion, beatings and executions.”

  21. Statement by XXX, Professor Emeritus
    University of Ulster, December 5, 2005:

    “I’ve checked out Churchill’s Second World War and the statement is quite correct – not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.

    Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War total 4,448 pages; and De Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages.

    In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.”

  22. Churchill and Hitler and History and Almost Everything Else..

    Winston Churchill was knighted after World War 2 and buried from Westminster Abbey, perhaps the highest tribute that could be paid to him, while Adolf Hitler has been accorded the status of perhaps the most evil politician in human history.

    WINSTON CHURCHILL in July 1940

    “When I look around to see how we can win the war I see that there is only one sure path. We have no Continental army which can defeat the German military power.. Should [Hitler].. not try invasion [of Britain].. there is one thing that will bring him back and bring him down, and that is an absolutely devastating, exterminating attack by very heavy bombers from this country upon the Nazi homeland. We must be able to overwhelm them by this means, without which I do not see a way through. We cannot accept any aim lower than air mastery. When can it be obtained?” [Extract from Winston S Churchill The Second World War (Volume 2 Their Finest Hour Appendix A), Memo from Prime Minister to Minister of Aircraft Production, 8.July 1940].

    ADOLF HITLER in May 1940

    Britain and France declared war on Germany, not the other way around. Hitler actually wanted peace with Britain, as the German generals admitted (Basil Liddell Hart, The Other Side of the Hill 1948, Pan Books 1983) with regard to the so-called Halt Order of 24 May 1940 at Dunkirk, where Hitler had the opportunity to capture the entire British Army, but chose not to. Liddell Hart, one of Britain’s most respected military historians, quotes the German General von Blumentritt with regard to this Halt Order:

    “He (Hitler) then astonished us by speaking with admiration of the British Empire, of the necessity for its existence, and of the civilization that Britain had brought into the world. He remarked, with a shrug of the shoulders, that the creation of its Empire had been achieved by means that were often harsh, but ‘where there is planing, there are shavings flying’. He compared the British Empire with the Catholic Church – saying they were both essential elements of stability in the world. He said that all he wanted from Britain was that she should acknowledge Germany’s position on the Continent. The return of Germany’s colonies would be desirable but not essential, and he would even offer to support Britain with troops if she should be involved in difficulties anywhere..” (p 200).

    According to Liddell Hart, “At the time we believed that the repulse of the Luftwaffe in the ‘Battle over Britain’ had saved her. That is only part of the explanation, the last part of it. The original cause, which goes much deeper, is that Hitler did not want to conquer England. He took little interest in the invasion preparations, and for weeks did nothing to spur them on; then, after a brief impulse to invade, he veered around again and suspended the preparations. He was preparing, instead, to invade Russia” (p140).

    David Irving in the foreword to his book The Warpath (1978) refers to “the discovery.. that at no time did this man (Hitler) pose or intend a real threat to Britain or the Empire.”

  23. Although I am not Catholic, I consider myself an apostle of truth. I say CUDOES to the man!
    Does Christianity, (for this post, let us include the religeous right), not understand the ramifications of allowing this type of crap from the very group that framed and murdered their Christ??!!
    Who even today, ESPECIALLY today, manipulate the WORLD through their Vampyric banking and purchase of our leaders, (insert Stoker’s “Renfield”), who gladly expose our veins/arteries to the Zhid fangs for the purpose of,(again), framing and murdering our Christ in absentia?
    We should ALL be poundinig the streets in support of not only THIS man but all who refuse to live the Khazar/Ashkenazi LIE of the Hallowedcaust. The biggest lie since flouridated water.

  24. Ex-Catholic here. Why? I discovered the truth about “her”. I came out of “her”. You should too. Otherwise . . .
    “Rev 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”
    Anyone wanting 100% Bible PROOFS of this need only contact me at The BIBLE is the LIGHT that exposes ALL DECEPTIONS of the devil, including Roman Catholicism.

  25. Pretty good stuff. I read this by a link from Angelqueen. You know, I’m from the same generation as you are (I assume, unless you’re half a generation older) and I think yours is the first essay pointing out the ‘loss of our birthright’, as you finely put it. The only thing along this line I’ve seen is comments about children who grew up only knowing the SSPX after the consecrations, and several years ago children who had only known Pope John Paul as the Holy Father. But you are right. Many young people, even ones who like the Tridentine Mass, don’t seem to have realized this yet. I’ve felt this way before, but I think I have been the only one at my school to ‘come to Tradition’ as strongly as I have in the past few years, though there are a good number here who begin attending the Old Mass. It seems like the only people who know about the whole gamut of issues connected with such are those who’ve grown up in Traditional families.

  26. Peace be upon you – I am a muslim and i am very glad that there are christians (people of the book) who are pursuing the truth (knowledge). I pray that our similar beliefs will unite us all someday to challenge the shaytan (devil) and his evil ways to manipulate our free thinking minds. I pray that bishop williamson continue on his rightous path to expose these devils and bring shame upon them. God bless you and peace be upon you – salamualakum

  27. This is a case of reporters refusing to do any research when a longstanding belief is challenged. Recently released records indicate significantly lower casualty numbers than original estimates. The Nazis kept records of their “work.” The most significant argument against the six million figure is the census taken right before the war. There were only 2.3 million Jews. Imprisoning people for correcting a math error seems a bit harsh. It doesn’t matter how many died. What matters is that the genocide was stopped. We mourn the losses, whatever the number.

  28. I have written about this for over 20 years the Bishop is right, and no amout of zionist lies will cahnge that. In my book Vale, the Illuminati and their plans for the future
    ISBN 0-9748502-3-3 you will find all the proof of the zionist plans.

  29. A note on the “six million”. That figure was first run up the flagpole in 1919. Google “1919 six million jews”. Felix Warburg, brother of Paul Warburg, first Federal Reserve chairman, anounced six million had died in WWI. The six million figure is the “mystical” number of Jews that had to be sacrificed before they could return to their homeland.(better known as Palestine) The “holocaust” had been quite a cottage industry. Billions extorted from Germany for starters and guilt throughout the world. Also, google “Benjamin Freedman 1961 speech” He was a converted Jew who exposed the “plan” and explains where we are today

  30. The problem is–3 examples i) Hillary Rodenhurst (Clinton) covers up her blood line Jewishness by calling herself Catholic. ii) Madam AlBright calls herself Catholic untill 1999 and then found she was Jewish. All along her mother and sister are Jewish and worse she at 17 years was planting explosives in Palestine.iii)French Sarkosy pretends he is Catholic and Son 22 wants to marry a Billionair’s daughter and says–“he will convert to Judism and for wealth”. A 30 year vetrain writer has been fired and called anti-semitic(arab) in reporting it.
    The Church should stop Jews from using the catholic faithe as Jews in Sheep’s clothing to fleece the sheepees.
    FYI: Churchlill, Hitler, Roosevelet, Stalin were Jewish bloodline Jews. Church has to stop pandering. Try converting to the Jewish faithe and see if it’s as easy–lot’s of luck–if your not a expert in habitual lying :^(

  31. Did Bishop Williamson also allow his priests to rape children, as all the other bishops did? How can a “great” man allow devout Catholic children to be raped by their priests? Were the previous 3 popes “great” men? How do great men knowingly allow devout Catholic children to be raped by their priests?

  32. There is a play written by Clarence Jordan of the Southern Baptist Evangelical College in Georgia, it is the story of Jesus in Georgia, Mary and Joesph don’t go to Bethlehem on a donkey, they go to Atlanta in a pickup, there are no pareses, there are TV evangelists, and Baptist preachers, and they do not crucify Jesus, The klu klux klan lynches him. Wildly funny
    The moral of the story – if Jesus walked in downtown Atlanta today, they would lynch Him by dark. Because all the same people are still here, the human disease is the same.
    The name of the play is ” Cotton Patch Gospel.

  33. I listened to Bishop Williamson’s interview, and it contained not one iota or hint of “anti-semitism.” He spoke of historical scholarship. If he is factually wrong, let what he said be held to scholarly scrutiny. Truth will always prevail. However many Jews and others perished in the Holocaust, their memories are besmirched by those who use them to extort and manipulate. Bishop Williamson’s courageous act might help to put Holocaust exploitation in check. And of course it has absolutely nothing to do with the restoration of the pre-Vatican II liturgy, which shames the Novus Ordo.

  34. It was the French Catholic writer, Charles Peguy, who penned the words

    “He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars, forgeres and murderers.”

    And it was the American statesman, Fisher Ames, in the early 1800’s who made these comments regarding our national and international spiritual and moral lives

    “Most American sell their souls (i.e. selling out their fellow citizens for some monetary measure as did Judas of Christ Jesus) and go off living the rest of their lives on the dividends.” and,

    “There remains but one last joy for the souls of the damned, and that is going off to make others miserable.”

    Given U.S. history since the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the former proves accurate the true.

    Given what is taking place to the Palestinian people, the latter statement is proving accurate and true not only for the Israelis, but for so many other Christ-rejecting contemporary secular nation-states of our World.

    The Jews of Israel have no choice but to do anything and everything to discredit Bishop Williamson by creating these “our feelings are hurt” public distractions and displays for what Bishop Williamson has publicly exposed in other much more important to contemporary current events and geo-politics:

    Bishop Williamson 911 Lies & Truth @

    Since the bogus, fake and staged 9-11 ‘Arab Terrorist’ attacks were necessary for the political Zionist State of Israel’s dual US-Israel citizens in Washington D.C. to further Israeli goals by using the U.S. Military to do its long ranged dirty deeds and dirty work:

    No War For Israel

    Bishop Williamson is a Bishop of the Church who is NOT an accomplice to these international crimes vs. humanity because he has spoken out and spoken the truth.

    – Fr. Joseph

  35. To understand with greater depth what is at the heart of the persecution of Bp. Williamson one would do well to read the stunning new book “Judaism Discovered,” which actually been banned from sales by It can be seen at the author’s website: The author has written a staunch defense of Bp. Williamson which can be viewed at the author’s blogspot page:


  36. CORRECTION to my previous post. “Judaism Discovered” can be seen at


  37. Sirs:

    Although I left the chruch years ago, I consider the Bishop absolutely correct! He’s NOT a holcaust denier, but a Revisaitonist, as I am. Many scientists, historians and truthseekrs have checked the prison camps and seen and written about the truth.

    Good on the Bishop!

    A Latino Pagan

  38. As has been said by jews themselves, there’s no business like “Shoah business.” Holocaust Revision is an idea whose time has come. I think joe 6-pack is good and tired of being called “anti-semite” every time the jews are criticized. Every time any one dares to protest the murders and genocides israel/jews commit.


    I for one, don’t care, go ahead, call me : anti-semitic, jew-hater, when I speak the truth, and protest slaughters like the Palestinian Genocide.”

    The terms *”Anti-Semitic” and “Jew-hater” are so lold and over used, that people are sick and tired of them, the terms are worn and no longer have the same effect as before. And mddy answer now to this accusation is: “No! Jewish are “anti-human lives.” YOU are the against valued lives!

    The Jews are NOT the only worthy ones of respect. The lives of other Peoples are JUST as valuable!

    *DNA data has CONFIRMED that Palestinians are Semites. Maybe even the TRUE Semites.


  39. You write:

    “I no longer feel that same level of toxic bitterness coursing through my veins when I think of all that we (of the post-Conciliar generation) have suffered as a result of having been thrown under the bus by those who should have protected us. I see it all in spiritual terms now, and I realize that it is not for me to understand why things have gone so wrong in the Church, and, by default, in society. But it is my duty to be the best Catholic woman I can be, to try to be a light to others, and always to speak the truth in charity. Charity is just another word for love.”

    These words made my day. Exactly right. Dead on. And love means resistance to evil. I don’t know whether many things asserted in the comments here are true or not, but what is clear is clear. Bishop Williamson is being persecuted for a thought crime and that must chill any normal person to the bone.

    You came from one direction and I came from another, but we have arrived at the same spiritual spot by grace.

    We have been warned about the subversive aims of international finance:

    And now they are saying brazenly in the daylight what has largely and confusingly hidden until fairly recently

    So precisely because we are Catholics we will resist, for our children’s sake who must inherit I fear great tyranny to come.

    And we will circle the wagons against those who in the very name of “freedom of speech” and “diversity” seek in fact to crush these through political correctness, flattery, bribery and as we have seen in Iraq and gaza brute force. The poor of this world too are under dire sentence through “population control”

    We cannot be afraid anymore, come what may. We need not and I believe should not exaggerate or say more than we know. But what we know has now brought us beyond confusion to where the great fight is on.

  40. “…welcome or unwelcome, insist on it. Refute falsehood, correct error, call to obedience…” St. Paul to Bishop Timothy – 2 Timothy 4:2-3

    Bishop Williamson is doing a good job. Period.

    – Fr. Joseph

  41. It is really too bad that the author of this article abandoned her positon on sedevacantistism, the only honest response to manifest heresy according to Canon Law and the consistent teaching of the Church. It is simple: a pope who is a heretic can not be head of the Catholic Church.

  42. Dear Bob Hamrick,

    Open your Bible and read Matthew 26:26-29, Mark 14:22-25, Luke 22:14-20, John 6:28-71, 1 Corinthians 11:23-27 and then Acts 2:42.

    Go to Google and YouTube and type in ‘Eucharistic Miracles’.

    God your Father in Heaven and your Spiritual Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, want you Home. You’ve missed Dinner.

    – Fr. Joseph

  43. Thought crimes are as ancient as Jerusalem itself,

    “We gave you a formal warning’ he (the High Priest) said, ‘NOT TO preach in this Name, and what have you done? You have filled Jerusalem with your teaching, and seem determined to fix the guilt of this Man’s death on us.’ In reply Peter and the Apostles said ‘OBEDIENCE TO GOD comes before obedience to men…’ – Acts 5:28-29

    ‘And there is nothing new under the sun.’ – King Solomon – Ecclesiastes 1:10

    – Fr. Joseph

  44. I am not a Catholic, but a pragmatic person who is aware that you’ll never find any two people who totally agree on absolutely everything. So Bishop Williamson’s different religious beliefs don’t bother me, hurt me or anything along that line.

    Frthermore, I fail to see why he should bow down a religion opposed to his. After all, being a Jew is not a matter of ethnicity but religion (though these “Jews” love to confuse us). I wouldn’t do that either, as it is anti-natural.

    He is a fellow human being and as such has the natural right to speak up and say what he believes. I might not agree with his (religious) beliefs, but just like that famous Frenchman, I do defend his right to express them.

  45. What is continuously bugging me is the tepid approach when dealing with all those Jewish atrocities, lies, etc.

    – They are not Jews, but a satanic sect.
    – They are not Askenazim (Hebrew for “Germans”) but Khazarians.
    – They are not Semites but Magogites (read the Bible about Magog).
    – Their homaland is not Palestine (or “Israel”, as they prefer to call it) but Birobidzhan (there should be one document about it left on Google).

    As long as we don’t insist on these truths to be honored (with all the consequences) will there be no peace in this world. And I guess that’s what all mentally sane people want – just like Bishop Williamson and me.

  46. You write “thought crimes are as ancient as Jerusalem itself”.

    Very true. And bribing payoffs to lie about the Truth too:

    Matthew 28: “When the chief priests had met with the elders and devised a plan, they gave the soldiers a large sum of money, 13telling them, “You are to say, ‘His disciples came during the night and stole him away while we were asleep.’ 14If this report gets to the governor, we will satisfy him and keep you out of trouble.” 15So the soldiers took the money and did as they were instructed. And this story has been widely circulated among the Jews to this very day.”

  47. “Judaism entered and laid siege to Christian society, assaulted it, upset it, and to a great extent, overtook it. What is today manifesting itself, amid the universal stupor in which Europe finds itself, is that the diffusion of political-irreligious ideas are now sweeping the nations. This is almost totally due to the power of the Jews…” La Civilta Cattolica, vol. VII, no. XIV. 1890 (Oct, Nov, Dec)

    “The rejection and dispersion of the Jews was the work of God, not of the emperors. It was done by the wrath of God and because of His absolute abandonment of the Jews. Thus, the Jew will live under the yoke of slavery without end. God hates the Jews, and on Judgment Day He will say to those who sympathize with them., ‘Depart from Me, for you have had intercourse with My murderers!’ Flee, then, from their assemblies, fly from their houses, and, far from venerating the synagogue, hold it in hatred and aversion. ” St. John Crysostom

    Bishop Williamson was and is right in his effort to expose the truth of the fraudulent “Holocaust Industry”, for it is this “Industry” which has allowed the Jew to amass enormous amounts of monies and affords them a cover from serious inquiry and investigation, all the while, by intrique, fraud, usury, and deception the Jew has acquired control of the governments and finances of the world. With his wealth and power then does the Jew attack every vestige of Christianity. You will find that abortion, contraception, pornography, pedophilia, the slave trade of humans and women in the world, and all the attacks on liberties and virtue are initiated by and filled with Jews.

    So then Bishop Fellay was very wrong in censuring Bishop Williamson with the comment that opinions of history are not the the purpose or domain of the SSPX’s mission. Rather, to Bishop Fellay I would say, is not the salvation of souls the mission of the Church? Is not the recognizing and exposing of the enemies of the Church and of their means of undermining Catholic social and religious principles, a concern of the Church? We must surely pray for the conversion of the Jews to Chrisitanity. We are taught, as Catholics, to pray for the conversion of all to the True Faith of Jesus Christ and also to pray for our enemies. But that does not mean to let our enemies rule over us, or to lay down our arms while they attack in mass. No, defeat your enemy first, then you are obliged after he has been defeated to offer mercy.

    “The Jews are enemies of God and Foes of our holy religion.” – Padre Pio

    God Bless Bishop Williamson for his courage to express the truth of what has been the result of scientific and expert investigation on the question of the camps. No question that many died in the camps, both Jew and non-Jew. Many suffered, including my mother who spent two years in the concentration camp, captured as a member of the Dutch Resistance. But the numbers and stories of the camps atrocities are exaggerated beyond reason and evidence, to the point of affording the Jews an unheard of opportunity to accumulate wealth and power fraudulently, by which they in turn attempt to establish their One World Order, and attempt to destroy Christianity – by their own testimony.

  48. Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years by Professor Israel Shahak

  49. So happy and encouraged that someone has the conviction and courage to speak truth about the propaganda of the Bolsheviks and Zionist media that the Holohoax killed ? millions. The Soviets say 1.5, the jews originally said 4 million, the Red Cross can account for less than 300,000. They never mention the holocaust of 50 million Christians in Russia or the holocaust that has occured for the last 65+ years in Palestine. They make sure to keep the so called gas chambers and 9/11 foremost in your minds to give them cover to pillage what is left of the wealth of Gentile nations.

  50. How would Jesus discuss the Holocaust stories? That’s a good question. So, what else grows on this tree where the stories come from? That brings up 1951 and the X-ray overdose ethnic cleansing of Jesus’s own people, the Sephardic Jews.

    Okay, the righteous man has his son sodomized and strangled. What is his reaction to this pain? What is the reaction of the greedy and wicked man to such a horror? One is concerned for others while the other is only concerned what he can get from others. Jesus would clearly ask you “who doest thou trust? No one goes to the street pimp seeking a physician nor does anybody nourish themselves on stones. Verily, the fruit fly has more sense than many!”

  51. God bless you. You said exactly what has been in my heart, seeking to make itself heard, but I’m too clumsy with words.

  52. To Fr. Joseph, you put it so well to that poor decieved soul who has fallen away. What a good lesson in charity that is.

  53. Perez says ‘Israel kills for democracy’. With regard to questioning the ‘Holocaust’, exercising the democratic freedom to do so, Israel is apparently not there yet. Or, Israel has not killed enough people. For we are to believe that the blood lust demonstrated with each Israeli massacre against non-Jews will someday bring into fruition an expansive democracy and the freedoms we all so desire.

  54. God bless Bp. Williamson. I’m proud I was confirmed by him..The holocaust industry has taken lice spraying ( for health reasons ) and turned it into a gassing myth…Along, of course, with the shamelessly ridiculous figure of ” 6 million”..
    And, largely due to this myth, they ( most of whom are non-semite, non-Middle Eastern Khazarian converts to Judaism, circa 740 A.D. ) have been allowed to take control of the Holy Land through invasion, terrorism, massacres, wholesale ethnic cleansing and targeted assassinations ( such as UN Envoy Count Bernadotte who was working for a just peace ).
    And what of the hypocrisy? The Jewish Bolsheviks and Mensheviks and their financiers ( such as Max Warburg, Jacob Schiff, etc ) are most responsible for the murder of the Czar and his family and the creation of the USSR..They ran the Gulags, the NKVD Secret Police, murderous “work projects” such as the White Sea Canal” project and killed 20 million people before the odious Hitler built his first camp.

  55. Dear Stephen Hand,

    I’m a U.S. citizen, served honorably in her Armed Forces, and live amongst millions of both my ‘fellow’ US citizens and my ‘fellow’ non-US citizen members of our Human Race here next to New York City.

    It grieves me daily in having to accept as ‘Gospel Truth’ the observations and statements of the American statesman, Fisher Ames’ back in the early 1800’s (that’s two centuries ago!) who had this to say about US citizens and our Human Race:

    “Most American sell their souls and go off happily to live out the rest of their lives on the dividends.”, and

    “The last remaining joy of the souls of the damned is this: making others miserable.”

    To be sure, in my own human nature, it angers me that so many evils are allowed to run amok throughout my US nation and US society as well as throughout every last nation-state of our World. But we’ve all been betrayed from that One Thing each and every last one of us six billion human souls for which we are all in desperate need.

    And our Need is God’s Compassion, God’s Mercy and God’s Benevolent Outpouring of His Holy Spirit upon our dying nations on earth and the dying peoples of the World over.

    We need that public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia by THE BISHOP of His Church which the Mother of God and our Spiritual Mother instructed to accomplish in her 1917 A.D. Fatima Portugal Apparitions and Instructions!

    “For THE LORD…upholds the Rights of a Mother over her children.” – Ecclesiasticus 3:2

    – Fr. Joseph

  56. Dear Theroseofsharon,

    I can only wonder just how many vehemently anti-Catholic cults, sects and ‘bible-based’ congregations throughout our contemporary World are, in fact, started and funded by those with Masonic, Rosicrucian, Hermetic, Kabbalistic, Zionist and these global usury charging, fractional reserve banking, fiat currency issuing and controlling Central Bank private owners.

    ‘The Bible’ exists simply for the SERVICE of the Liturgy of the Word of the Catholic Mass or the Divine Liturgy of the Eastern Church.

    To be sure, we are ALL charged with ‘knowing the Scriptures’ but those same Scriptures and the same Lord BOTH call all of us 6 billion human beings to His Table so as to receive the Divine Graces of His Holy Spirit to form the global Family of God.

    It distresses me greatly to see so many launching off to get their Internal Revenue Service ‘tax exempt’ certificates so as to start their own ‘church’ in order to collect tithes and to promote whatever personal doctrines and dogmas they want others to accept and believe.

    Soreen Kierkegaard, that Danish theologian, himself cried out these words after studying Church history, the Scriptures and Apostolic tradition and teachings:

    ‘O Luther, Luther! How great is your responsibility!’

    Crying over centuries old spilled milk isn’t going to help the six billion human souls of our contemporary World. Six billion human souls WILLING to obey God and doing what He instructed/instructs them to all do NOW in 2009 Anno Domini is the only real, true and plausible Solution to our Human Race’s manifold contemporary dilemas, problems, dangers, etc.

    – Fr. Joseph

  57. I miss something, what did the bishop say? Was he questioning the holocaust number or something else.

  58. Fr. Williamson has spoken what the majority has been thinking all along. He has defied the Zionist Thought Police. More of us should follow his example. To speak of what we know to be true, and never back down.

  59. Excellent article. I felt like applauding. You should write for a publication.

  60. Father Joseph, what you say is so very true. I look at my small grandchildren and feel no little trepidation to contemplate the world they will inherit. Sometimes it makes me shudder. But then I remember, “where sin abounds grace does much more abound” and Our Lord said “In that day do not worry what you will say for the Holy Ghost Himself will give you the words,” implicitly suggesting he will give them the courage and strength and even joy also.

    So yes, most certainly, without question the answer must be supernatural, not political, even if I think we must engage the spying Powers of this world (amazing synchronicity that we even can!) and let them know at least we know what they are up to. Meanwhile many who are unconverted are watching and weighing also.

    I think of something else. Just when it looked soooo dark in the midst of the clergy sex scandal, Mel Gibson made the whole world see and focus on The Passion of the Christ again, a movie which to this very day is being smuggled into forbidden lands on DVD and tapes, and circulating from there (until the Second Coming?). It infuriated the Jews who gnashed their teeth; and many gentiles saw then what these fulminating people were really all about even if they could seldom speak of it openly.

    So what is impossible for man is possible for God.


  61. Dear Fr. Joseph,
    are you sure you know your Bible?
    What do you say to the newest post by Carol A. Valentine:
    “Moses Was A War Criminal (The Bible Tells Us So)” and her detailed proof through the Pentateuch? How come all these “Christians” from the Popes down, haven’t found anything wrong, even before the Council of Nicea. Which Lord or God do you mean? G-d or the Lord God? Yahweh or God, the Father of Christ? Didn’t Christ call Yahweh indirectly Satan, the father of the Phariseans?
    Have you maybe studied in vain? Or because you are a Believer?
    As you can see, I ‘m not a “believer” in any
    religion”. An atheist? No, but there sure is a Creator. Stupid people just need a label to “whore-ship”. Why did the Creator give us a Mind, and in this Mind the facility to reason?
    Questions about questions.
    But back to the Bishop. According to the latest TV-report from the German TV-news, “Deutsche Welle”, he is already partly correcting his unspeakable (for Germans) comments.
    A faux pas he will be sorry for the rest of his days – unless it was the straw the broke the camel’s back.

  62. Private or public—I have an article on the Moses war criminal bit. Anyone who would like to see it can email me


  63. I wanted to say thank you to Joe Cortina, for opening my eyes. I have read many articles linked to the website, and this one rounds off my instincts that, of the many things wrong in our world, most can be traced back to the Jews. Not wanting to believe that such evil persists in our world, the events in Gaza brought tears to my eyes. And made me realize that Isreal is a threat to humanity. And sadly they are achieving thier goals in broad daylight. Today the Jews are being exposed for what they really are, I never imagined it , but the comment about Bishop Williamson is something every Christan should read..

  64. Dear Manfred,

    Let me see if I can’t spiritually minister to your mind and heart as a Priest in the Lord’s Church Militant here on earth. I’m relying on the Divine Graces of God the Holy Spirit afforded me by virtue of the Lord’s call to accept Ordination via the hands and Apostolic powers of my Metropolitan Archbishop Athanasius.

    Manfred, we are ALL living in a ‘I said, he said, she said, they said, I want, he wants, she wants, they want’ World currently populated by 6 billion human souls ALL created in the Image and Likeness of God Himself. Each one of them are endowed with a human spirit which has life and being for ALL OF ETERNITY. In 100 years from now, every last man, woman and child currently living and alive on planet earth will have left their bodies behind in DEATH…a death experienced one way or another – natural causes, natural catastropies, wars, famine, plague, accidents, murder, the list of the ways on can and WILL die just goes on and on.

    Upon the DEATH of an individual, the individual undergoes a Divine Judgement which irrevocably seals that individual’s Eternal Destiny since it will be the Creator God Himself Who will employ His Divine Supernatural Powers as GOD.

    Now “Heaven” IS “Heaven” precisely on account of an All-Good and All-Loving and All-Loveable Creator God’s Own DIVINE WILL is done by everyone in ‘Heaven’. They DO God’s Will in Heaven precisely because the souls in Heaven experience and endlessly partake in God’s Blessings and the Ineffable Blessing of being in the Actual Presence of the Source of All Possible Infinite Loving Goodness.

    If we six billion human beings ever expect ANY amount, sort or degree of the Divine Blessings here ON EARTH, then we need AT LEAST a majority of the world’s population here ON EARTH doing GOD’S WILL here on earth AS it is in His Heaven.

    So it matters very, very little what so-and-so says, thinks, aspires to, desires to cause to happen here on earth IF it is not akin to and aligned with the Will of God.

    Now GOD took on our human nature in the womb of a Woman who many in our World know as ‘The Blessed Virgin Mary’ 2,000 years ago.

    God Incarnate = Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, the Prophet spoken about by MOSES HIMSELF in the Book of Deuteronomy.

    Now if Jews or Gentiles the World over DO NOT listen to, obey and implement the Will of Christ Jesus, God Incarnate, then we six billion human souls have ZERO CHANCE of attaining and possessing God’s Blessed Life here on earth. Period.

    If the Will of God isn’t seriously undertaken by the peoples and leaders of the nation/states of our World, then what will result in a LIVING HELL here on earth.

    Have I made religious-spiritual-biblical sense to you?

    – Fr. Joseph

  65. Excellent piece–this reporter understands the issues! Taking it a little further, Zionism is the problem–after having been displaced from the land twice due to unbleief, are we to support the Zionist movement that restores them to the land in unblief? Note that they are largely athiestic Khazars with no ethnic Jewish blood (“Synagogue of Satan”)–what claim do they have to the land? Yes, ethnic Jews will be restored fully in the future, but only in belief that Jesus Christ is LORD! Instead, the Zionists are resuming the conquest of Caanan (Gaza) and creating their own holocaust–it is in reality Satan’s bid to fake the return to the land and to set up his own New World Order (capital Jerusalem) and return as the messiah (antichrist)–Satan has already corrupted virtually all other sacred institutions including the church. Never fear–I read the last chapter and know the outcome–sit tight, pray and do not deny the faith.

  66. Bishop Williamson is a man all Catholics should look up to and emulate. He speaks the truth and that is what Jesus did. What greater man is there?

  67. Of course, the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope on one Holy Day in union with all the bishops of the world, as demanded by Our Lady of Fatima, is more important than anything else!

  68. Fr. Joseph,
    Regarding your last reply to Manfred: Thank you! This is what people need to hear and understand.

  69. Dear Isabelle,

    To be sure, all of us six billion human souls currently living and alive have our own personal ‘stake’ in what happens in the nations/states of our World as well as in the Church.

    But if there is but one thing I wish I could encourage and exhort every last member of the Human Race to dwell upon, consider and act upon, its to dig very, very deeply and consider that the Honor of OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN is being debauched from every corner of our World!

    And if there be ANY love, ANY concern, ANY shred of gratitude left in any number of people in and throughout our World to and for the One Who granted us these lives of ours and the Way and Means to return to be with Him, let them all do a ‘something’ to overtly show their filial spiritual allegiance as sons and daughters of our Father in Heaven, even if it be only a heartfelt, sincere prayer such as

    ‘Father in Heaven, whatever happens to any of us, whatever happens in and to our World, to our Church, to our very selves, you STILL have our love and spiritual allegiance.’

    – Fr. Joseph

  70. “The World Struggle is not political or economic. Rather, it is religious and theological. It is either God or atheism.”
    U.S. 5 Star General Douglas MacArthur to visiting Catholic Bishop Fulton J. Sheen in Allied Occupied Japan.

    Some spiritual and geo-political Facts and Truths:

    1) Control what people think and know about their very selves and you control what and how they are and what they become.

    2) Control what people think and know regarding the meaning and purpose of human life and its living, and you control what they do with their lives and this All in which they move, live and have their being and the type of World in which they all live.

    3) Control what people think, know and believe about Christ Jesus and His Divine Truth and you can deprive people any and all Spiritual Blessings from the Heavens unless Christ Jesus Himself decrees otherwise.

    Read the four Gospel accounts over and over, asking Jesus’ Mother to spiritually assist and enlighten you all about her Son, His Life, His Divine Nature and His Divine Desires and Divine Will for all of Mankind!

    You all read (and CANNOT help to read) about the lives of Hollywood celebrities, national and international celebrities, business celebrities, and celebrities of every sort and type imaginable in order TO LEARN all about their personal lives, professional lives and what they think, do and say.

    Devote as much time to God the Father’s Own Divine Celebrity – His Only Eternally Begotten Divine Son!

    Read the four Gospel accounts over and over for yourselves.

    “On the last day and greatest day for the Festival, JESUS stood there and cried out:

    ‘If ANY man is thirsty, let him come to Me!
    Let the man come and drink who believes in Me!’

    As Scripture says, ‘From His Breast shall flow fountains of Living Water.’ – Gospel according to St. John – Jn 7:37-39

    You can lead a MAN, a WOMAN, a CHILD to water…but you can’t make them drink!

    – Fr. Joseph

  71. I am a danish catholic sharing the views of bishop Williamson. I am satisfied with the new mass (post VC2) and I don’t attend the latin mass held here in Copenhagen. But the catholic church must take a stand in relation to the “holocaust-culture” dominating the western world today and legitimizing all kind of atrocities from the Nato-powers in Irak, Afghanistan, and Israel in Gaza.

    If the current pope in Rome misuse his authority to propagate philo-semitic faith instead of catholicism, I hope there will be a new “non-roman” catholic church, that we can join. The most important thing is the right to speak out = Human Rights. First of all the freedom of speech. We don’t have that in many European countries, so Williamson is a brave man. A real follower of Jesus Christ.


    Jakob Munck

  72. May it please the LORD to use this posting of mine to minister to, nourish, strengthen and console and and all members of His Mystical Body now here on earth as well as any man, woman or child who, while not being a Catholic Christian, is nevertheless still harboring a mind, heart, soul and spirit disposed to the ‘good’ and of ‘good will’.

    And the very core of our beings, of who we ‘are’ and all of that which makes us our own unique ‘persona’ wherein our ‘persona’ is really and truly created in the Image and Likeness of Almighty God Himself, Creator and Sustainer of All that is seen and Unseen, is our ‘spirit’, our ‘ruah’ as the word is in the Hebrew language.

    ‘Spirit’ or ‘Ruah’ both denote that spiritual ‘unseen substance’ which activates and animates all of us 6 billion hman beings. And within the very core, the very center, of our ‘spirit’ or ‘ruah’ resides our own personal and unique “Free Will”. And with this ‘Free Will’ that is particularly uniquely owned as our own God-give personal possession, we ALL make choices. And with these choices, these ‘acts of personal free will’, we bring about some sort of result(s) in this Cause and Effect All in which we ALL move, live and have our being.

    Hence, ALL human actions eminating from and undertaken by ANY human being, from the Pope all the way down to the ‘lowest-in-rank’ member of the Church’s Laity, from the U.S. President, members of the U.S. Congress, members of the U.S. Courts, members of every last Federal, State and Local official, members of every U.S. Government Agency and Department (e.g. the DOD, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the USDA, the DOT, the FAA, etc.) and all the way down to the ‘lowest-in-rank) U.S. citizen – and the foregoing holds equally true for every last Government Official and cititzen of ANY nation-state in our contemporary World – the indivdual and collective human ACTIONS are the result of our own personal and collective utilization of our spirit’s FREE WILL.

    And we ‘use’ these FREE WILLS of ours based on our inner MOTIVATIONS, with our own personal and national and international MOTIVATIONS based on what we hold to be the ‘highest good’.

    Criminals and evil-doers of every sort and type imaginable USE their spirit, their ‘ruah’, their FREE WILL to do those things which they ‘believe’ is some sort of ‘higher good’ for themselves and their co-conspirators.

    Hence everyone simply MUST USE their spirit’s FREE WILL in an attempt to bring about some sort of ‘Result’ in this Cause and Effect All of our God’s Making. And we use these FREE WILLS of ours to make CHOICES based entirely on our own MOTIVATIONS, personal and communal motivations which seek a Result.

    In examining our own conscience, each one of us finds what really and truly MOTIVATES us, and that which MOTIVATES us determines how we use/employ our FREE WILLS to make CHOICES in this Cause and Effect All of our God’s Making.

    So, what motivated/motivated elected officials to our U.S. Government to pass the UNCONSTITUTIONAL Federal Reserve Act of 1913 A.D. which placed the control of our U.S. currency squarely in the hands of PRIVATE banking family owners and NOT in the hands of the U.S. people and their Congress?

    What motivated/motivates so many to have pulled off a bogus, fake and staged 9-11 ‘Arab Terrorist’ attack wherein 3,000+ fellow human beings PERISHED?

    And what motivated/motivates so many members of the Hiearchy of our Catholic Church TO BURY the Third Secret of Fatima?

    And what motivated/motivates so many members of the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church TO REFUSE complying with the Mother of God’s Instruction to have Russia consecrated to her Immaculate Heart via a public and solemn Collegial Consecration?

    And what motivated/motivates so many Clergy and members of Religious Orders to indulge in and cover up acts of pedophilia?

    And what motivated/motivates so many members of the Laity to take so little interest in the affairs of our U.S. Nation or any Nation-State throughout our now dying World?

    It is much better for us to EXAMINE what it is that really and truly MOTIVATES us at the very core of our God-given created in His Image and Likeness being and TO CONFESS our sins to God, to the Blessed Virgin Mary, all the Angels and Saints and TO EACH OTHER our “sins” which are the ABUSE of our own actions and choices of our FREE WILL(s), in what we have thought and said, in what we have DONE and in what we have FAILED TO DO.

    Only God is our All-Good. And His Divine Will IS our All-Good. And each and every last member of our human race has a FREE WILL and that our individual and collective CHOICES as members of His Church or members of any and all human social organizations and associations throughout our contemporary World can really bring about our All-Good God’s Divine Blessings upon us all. But those CHOICES made by indivdiuals and communities which are opposed to seeing to it that God’s Will is done here on earth can only bring down EVIL and SUFFERING upon ourselves and others.

    Church affliliation or Government/Social position does not and CANNOT shield us from the RESULTS of our own choices.

    There is GOOD and HOLY LEADERSHIP both in the Church and in the nation-states of our World. And there is BAD and EVIL LEADERSHIP both in the Church and in the nation-states of our World.

    God’s Divine Spirit, God’s Divine ‘Ruah’ has the Supreme and Ultimate powers of Divine Choice to effect the outcome of Human History.

    In the final analysis, our human race is irrevocably in need of a Second Pentecost – God Himself holds the Solution to our Human Race’s miserable contemporary situation.

    We are all DYING on account of the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Mother of God’s Immaculate Heart because it is being WITHHELD from the Human Race due to the CHOICES and MOTIVATIONS of those Church Prelates who DO NOT have the welfare and well-being of the Human Race in their own ‘spirits’, in their own ‘ruahs’!

    – Fr. Joseph

  73. “Satanism Is Practiced In The Vatican!” @

    This is YOUR PROBLEM, my fellow six billion human souls currently alive on this God-given planet earth and with our contemporary ‘World’ regardless of what nation-state in which you all live, move and have your God-given being(s)!

    YOUR problem, MY problem, the Church’s problem, the entire World’s problem, our Human Race’s problem is and has always been SATAN…and ALL that MOTIVATES him, his unseen elemental spiritual legions and all of his seen human stooges, dupe and allies who have chosen to do satan’s will for these past centuries and in particular for these last 100 years of Human History.

    The SATANISTS dressed up to look like Church Bishops and Prelates are PREVENTING the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculate Heart of God’s Mother – THE WOMAN Who God Himself has chosen and decreed He would use in order TO CRUSH Satan’s head – and hence, you are being maliciously DEPRIVED of the World Peace and Divine Blessings your FATHER IN HEAVEN desires for all of you to have – as well as Eternal Salvation, the Gifts of His Holy Spirit and Eternal Life with Him Forever in His Divine Paradise!

    And there is but only so much I can do as a Priest in His Church Militant for each and every last one of you. There is but only so much…

    – Fr. Joseph

  74. So I see that my U.S. Nation’s lawmakers have expressed their concerns regarding the lifting of the Church’s excommunication of Bishop Williamson.

    With this public reconciliation between Bishop Williamson and the Pope over the “historical record” regarding the Holocaust, perhaps NOW both our Bishop of Rome, Bishop Williamson and every last Bishop here in the USA and the rest of the nations of our World can INFORM my U.S. nation’s lawmakers that it hasn’t been the SWISS GUARD who have been laying violence against the people of Palestine these past 60 YEARS!

    Perhaps the Bishops of the Church can INFORM my U.S. nation’s lawmakers that the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 (which gives away the people’s Congress of the United States of America’s Constitutional Powers of controlling U.S. Currency over to PRIVATE BANKING FAMILIES) is a supreme abdication of their U.S. citizenship and solemn oath before God to uphold the Sovereign Social Contract, the Constitution of the United States of America of the “rank and file” masses of people all created in the Image and Likeness of God Himself here in these United States of America to control and regulate their OWN economic and financial affairs so as to foster true Christian Social Justice both here in this US nation and for the rest of the nations of our World.

    Perhaps now the Bishop of Rome, Bishop Williamson and every last Bishop throughout our now immersed-in-wars World can get around to PUBLICLY asking U.S. lawmakers why it is that they continue to REFUSE to admit to the truth that the 9-11-2001 ‘Arab Terrorist’ attacks were an ‘Inside Job’ to us 300+ million U.S. citizens.

    If the U.S. nation’s political leaders and its lawmakers, dual-citizenship Israeli citizens who are regularly appointed to high U.S. Federal Government positions in order to design and form U.S. foreign policies, can impose themselves into and onto the Mission and Affairs of THE CHURCH, then what is ‘good for the Goose is good for the Gander’.

    In ‘ecumenical circles’, they call that DIALOGUE – a DIALOGUE that ought rightly be conducted for the sake and welfare of the PEOPLES of the nations of our World in the OPEN and IN PUBLIC with 6 billion members of the Human Race ALL listening to the teachers of His Church telling all the world’s governmental officials just exactly WHAT the Will of God is, what SIN is, and what awaits human souls both in Government and in Civil Society who REFUSE to comply with the Desires, the Designs and the Will of God Incarnate, Jesus Christ – King of kings and Lord of lords.

    – Fr. Joseph

  75. This truly has been a crucifixion for a good and holy man. His friends seem to have left him, his enemies and the enemies of Our Lord are closing in for the kill. I certainly hope and pray Our Lord is not giving him the grace of martydom. I hope that he will be protected by Our Lord and Lady and confound Our Lord’s enemies. But as the bishop has always said, “God is in control.”

  76. Dear Gerard,

    All of Humanity has been given the Divine Gift of Salvation and Redemption on account of the Divine Victim Soul Who Is God the Father’s Only Eternally Begotten Divine Son via His Perfect Obedience to our Father in Heaven, a perfect and unflinching Obedience to and Filial Love of our Father in Heaven which a Crucifixion on a Roman Cross could not deter.

    While it appears that the vast majority of these hallucinating on hubris national and world leaders of our contemporary Human History, drunk out of their living minds and hearts on the spiritual alcohol of acquisition, who are really and truly using the powers of State to CRUCIFY legions of other human beings have absolutely no sense whatsoever of spiritual gratitude, spiritual sobriety of God’s Realities and no self-cognition/recognition of their own rejection of their own need of Salvation and Redemption via the Graces of God the Holy Spirit.

    Perhaps, just perhaps, Bishop Williamson is ‘going to the Cross’ so as to give God Himself some sort of Divine Reason to postpone His Divine Punishments on our contemporary high-on-hurbis & alcohols of acquisitions World Leaders, Bankers, Corporate Leaders, Governmental Officials, Educators, as well as our Religious and Church Leaders of our contemorary World.

    Perhaps, in some sort of odd and strange way, Bishop Williamson will hear of or ‘feel’ our collective spiritual PRESENSE with him ‘in spirit’ to make his own crucifixion just a tad bit more bearable.

    We shall see…won’t we?

    – Fr. Joseph

  77. Amen about the Swiss Guard Father, It’s amazing the people who think the Vatican is behind every evil that happens in this world, however I am heartened by all the dialog that has been taking place here among predominently Catholic Patriots, I had no idea there were so many. Bishop Williamson should serve to be a wonderful example for all of us when it comes to standing for truth and a world that seems to be growing darker by the day. We need to pray for the Bishop. I wrote a letter to the Vatican for whatever that may be worth in support of Bishop Williamson, also about the consecration to Russia. The Pope’s email address is on the website.

  78. A group of 13 million people behave as if they are 1300 million, demanding total, absolute indulgence. Although they would like others to believe that they are fighting “Islamic terror and fundumentalism”, their main target is Christians whom they want to subjugate. And to a great extend they have succeeded in it by their strangulating hold over America. How they managed it is a shameful qustion. And all these years they have been plundering America. Added to that they were humiliating Americans after taking their money and diplomatic support.

    It is incredulous that the Catholic Church in the past did not react as we should have when our faithufulls were insulted by this group, to site few instances as when Kurt Waldheim was declared persona non grata by America back in 80’s or an inebriated Mel Gibson was made to grovel for some so called anti semitic rants.They are medling with functioning of the Church whether in beatification of Pope Pius 12 or reinstatement of Bishop Williamson. How far we tolerate this people who murder even children in thousands when they demand we should condone them while demanding rspect for holocaust. It is high time Church should stand up to this group so as to keep up the morale of the faithfull.

  79. Dear Dr. J. Cherian,

    Sacred CHRISTIAN Scripture has our LORD, God Incarnate, in His Human Nature, advising His personally chosen Apostle, St. Peter, via His Diivne Omniscience:

    “Simon, Simon! SATAN, you must know, has gotten his wish to sift you all like wheat; but I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may NOT fail, and once you have RECOVERED, you in turn MUST strenghten your brothers…et al” – The Gospel according to St. Luke – Luke 22:31-34

    St. Peter DENOUNCED and PUBLICLY DENIED his Lord three times before the peoples gathered from all over the World in Jerusalem that fateful Passover of 33 A.D. or thereabouts.

    It was back in October, 1884 A.D. that the successor to the Chair of St. Peter, Pope Leo XIII, received the SAME WARNING as did St. Peter – that Satan had gotten his wish TO SIFT the entire Church, her successors to the Apostles and her Laity, in being personally told by the Lord that Satan was being given MORE power and influence over those human beings who would give themselves to him as well as a century’s worth of time so as to attempt the DESTRUCTION of the Christian Church here on earth and in our World.

    Our Lord then had His Mother, THE WOMAN of Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:17 appear to the three children of Fatima, Portugal 33 years to the day AFTER the Divine Warning given to Pope Leo XIII. And to utterly validate the Divine Authenicity of the Mother of God’s Apparitions and Messages to the children of Fatima, Portugal, GOD HIMSELF performed the Supernatural Miracle of the Sun for 70,000+ human eyewitnesses to see and experience for themselves.
    This Miracle of the Sun was reported to the ENTIRE population of Europe via their newspapers!

    Our World and our Human Race is on the verge of loosing their lives, their minds, their souls, their spirits, their loved ones and their personal possessions to Satan via his unseen elemental spiritual minions (demons, devils) and their influenced/directed/allied human incarnate spirit stooges, dupes and allies.

    Perhaps, in some strange way to our human way of thinking, Bishop Williamson will HELP the Bishop of Rome TO RECOVER from these past 100 years of satanic and luciferian spiritual influence that has suffocated the lives and minds of those Church leaders in the Vatican.

    And upon Pope Benedict XVI’s spiritual recover, strengthened with the Spiritual Gifts of Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom, Fortitude and COURAGE from the Divine Spouse of the Mother of God, the Holy Spirit Himself,
    our Church’s Holy Father will give forceful and clear minded Spiritual Orders to ‘his brothers in the Lord’, meaning to say the BISHOPS of the Lord’s Own Church here on earth to perform a public and solemn EXORCISM of our World via the Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    It was God’s Holy Spirit Who HOVERED OVER all of the primordial FORMLESSNESS and CHAOS of substance-less no-thingness. And it was God’s Holy Spirit Who partook in God’s Creation, bringing about Real Substance and Real Life to that ‘no-thingness’

    The Holy Spirit came down upon and ENGULFED the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary – and she is His eternal Divine Spouse.

    The Mother of God as the NEW EVE of our Human Race is given the Divine RIGHT to take care of, tend to, protect, nuture her Spiritual Children here on earth – all 6 billion of them!

    The PUBLIC and SOLEMN obedience of His Church’s Bishops to the New Eve’s INSTRUCTION to have Russia consecrated to her Immaculate Heart will result in HER CRUSHING SATAN’S HEAD in fulfillment of the Divine Prophecy of the Adamic Covenant as clearly recorded for one and all to see in Genesis 3:15!

    How many times and in how many ways have those with the Successor to the Chair of St. Peter the Apostle have DENIED and DENIED and DENIED to both God and the peoples of our entire World that public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart?

    I can only wonder just how it might have caused the Mother of Christ Jesus TO SUFFER in her mind, heart, soul and spirit when St. Peter publicly denied her Son THREE TIMES before He was dragged off to His Death via Crucifixion on the ROMAN Cross.

    Do you think that, perhaps, the Bishops of Rome and all of the Bishops of the Church under His Omniphor, have ever thought just how much anguish and suffering they have caused their own Spiritual Mother?

    Personally, I’d really like to see God have His Victory over ALL of His Enemies – His enemies vs. His Church, His enemies vs. Mankind, His enemies vs. Divine Will and Blessed Desires as OUR FATHER to all of Mankind…

    …but I personally DO NOT have my finger “on the Button to LAUNCH the Divine Supernatural ICBMs of Heaven” vs. Satan, his unseen spiritual legions of devils and demons running amok in and across our World and their human stooges, dupes and allies vs. Mankind and God’s Divine Willed Blessings of Life for Mankind.

    The Bishop of Rome along with all the Bishops of the Church, to include Bishop Williamson DO!

    These Divine Spiritual ICBMs in their Heavenly Silos will NOT LAUNCH unless the Church’s Officers holding the Firing KEYS plug them in and TURN THEM in proper sequence by direct order of the Vicar of Christ Jesus Himself here on earth – the Bishop of Rome!

    I’m just a ‘foot soldier’, an ‘infantryman’, trying to hold out with waning resistance here at my own personal spiritual ‘Bastogne’ against the manifold and increasing assaults of our malicious spiritual enemies “Panzer” divisions.

    – Fr. Joseph

  80. May it please THE LORD my sharing of the following with my BELEAGURED fellow Catholic Christians who are, likewise, holding on by the sink of their teeth in their own particularly unique and isolated “fox hole” amid this Global Spiritual Warfare for the minds, hearts, souls and spirits of our ENTIRE Human Race, the year now being 2009 Anno Domini.

    Regarding THE KEYS granted to St. Peter nearly 2,000 years ago and their significance to all of us of the Human Race living in these morbid, vice-ridden, violent and death and dying inducing times of ours.

    The Apostle St. John makes it perfectly succinct just exactly WHO Jesus, The Christ, is:

    “In the beginning with the Word (the ‘Logos’ in the original Greek – a word meaning ‘Underlying Principle’ if you will, and in the Hebrew, in ENGLISH, the equivalent would be ‘Wisdom’), the Word was WITH God (please burn the image of what ‘WITH’ denotes into your short term memory for now) and the Word WAS God. He was with God IN THE BEGINNING. Through Him all thing came to be, not one thing had its being but through Him.” – John 1:1-3

    Regarding ‘LOGOS’ or ‘WISDOM’ being God Himself, we find the following passage in the Book of Proverbs wherein the LOGOS, the WISDOM Who created and sustains ALL THINGS in being, speaks ABOUT He Himself:

    “Yahweh created Me whe His Purpose first unfolded,
    Before the oldest of His Works.
    From everlasting I was firmly set…
    (this relates to the DIVINE PROCESSION of the Three Divine Persons in the Godhead, the Blessed Trinity)
    …I was by His Side, a Master Craftsman,
    delighting Him day after day
    at play everywhere in His World
    – Proverbs 8:22-36

    Now with respect to THE KEYS given to St. Peter by THE LOGOS, the WISDOM, through Whom ALL THINGS were created and with Whom all things were created, regarding His Self-Revelation of “delighting to be with the SONS OF MEN”, from the Gospel according to St. Matthew, Matthew 16:15-19:

    “Then SIMON PETER spoke up, ‘You are the Christ,’ he said, THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD!’ Jesus replied, ‘Simon son of Judah, you are a happy man! Because it was not flesh and blood that revealed this to you BUT >MY< FATHER in Heaven. (Hence, THE LOGOS exhibits His taking DELIGHT in the person of SIMON PETER). So I now say to you (THE LOGOS saying a Divinely Signficant ‘something’ to one of His created living souls) You are Peter, and on this rock I will build MY Church. And the gates of the underworld can never hold out against it. I will GIVE YOU THE KEYS OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN; whatever YOU bind on earth shall be considered bound in Heaven; whatever you loose on earth shall be considered loosed in Heaven.”

    The Apostolic successor to PETER holds ‘THE KEYS’!

    If the Bishop of Rome, by his own choice, decides to IMPRISON MANKIND in a global satanic spiritual and material conspiracy vs. God, the Church and our Human Race while simultaneously PREVENTING the Supernatural Divine Graces and Helps from HEAVEN reaching down and out to and then over our entire planet earth by REFUSING to use ‘The Keys’ entrusted to him by THE LOGOS of All that is seen and Unseen – all of our individual and collective efforts in trying to see to it that God’s Will gets done here on earth will be of no avail.

    But if the Bishop of Rome DOES use ‘The Keys’ entrusted to him by THE LOGOS of all that is seen and Unseen in order to UNLOCK these satanic prison gates erected all about every last societal structure and organization created by mere human beings of our contemporary World, and by thus USING ‘The Keys’ entrusted to him by THE LOGOS he OPENS UP the Gates of Heaven so as to UNLEASH the Powers, Graces, Gifts of the Heavenly Holy Spirit and ALL holy spirits (angels and saints of Heaven itself) upon our World and it current crop of 6 billion human souls ALL created in the Image and Likeness of God THE LOGOS Himself, the Bishop of Rome in conjuction with ALL the Bishops of THE LOGOS’ CHURCH here on earth will have effectly WON A TOTAL SPIRITUAL VICTORY for their King, for our King, for my King Who is Christ, the Lord, LOGOS and WISDOM of all that is seen and Unseen. Amen.

    (Don’t have many more ‘insignificant BULLETS’ to shoot at the approaching hordes of satanic-luciferian armor coming straight at ALL OF US!)

    – Fr. Joseph

  81. Dear Father Joseph, It is my understanding that the Pope is now being asked to step down-we need to let the Pope know that he has our support. I am urging people to email him to stand firm against these Rabbis who only want to see the Holy Roman Catholic Church destroyed. You are so right about the consecration to Russia, we are praying a 54 day Novena for this to happen, spear headed by Father Gruner of the Fatima Center.

  82. Dear Theroseofsharon,

    No sooner than we attempt to address one problem in either our World or in our Church, another one pops up.

    No, I haven’t heard that the Pope is being pressured – oops…is being ‘asked’…to step down. My gosh, sometimes I get personally disgusted with having to watch these lying and scheming members of my Government, my “fellow US citizens” on the one hand and then, on the other, have to endure the effects of the same sorts of “games” going in within the halls of the Vatican.

    Well, were are ALL thrown into distress for the simple Divine Purpose of using these Free Wills God Himself has equipped us individually and members of the Human Race.

    Most assuredly, I’m not Omniscient, I’m not Omnipotent nor am I Omnipresent – but ‘I AM’ is pretty much tired, burned out, disappointed, disgusted and bewildered as 1) a member of the Human Race, 2) a member of the Church, and 3) a ‘citizen’ of these United States of America.

    Anyways, my dear theroseofsharon, I do want to share with you this itsy-bitsy amount of Religious and Spiritual Advise.

    First, we don’t need anyone’s “permission” to speak the truth and to say truthful things.

    Secondly, we don’t need anyone’s “permission” to do those things that God would want for us to do and to refrain from those things that God doesn’t want for us to do.

    So, you’re e-mailing the Bishop of Rome about the necessity of a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary per her 1917 A.D. Fatima Portugal Apparitions’ Instructions was in accord with God’s Will for both His Church and our World.

    I “salute” you! (grin)

    Might I suggest that you now take some good personal quality time to simply rest, come to an inner stand still, settle your mind, heart and emotions, and turn your thoughts to your Family in Heaven, your Father, your Mother and your spiritual Brothers and Sisters, and ask them all to grant you a measure of abiding inner peace, tranquility, warmth, comfort and spiritual companionship.

    ALL OF US here in the Church Militant get “worn out”, “burned out” and, like the Lord Himself, NEED for God the Father to minister to us, whether He sends us a ministering Angel or another ministering human person.

    And I bless you in the Name of the Father +, and of the Son + and of the Holy Spirit +. Amen!

    Enjoy Their Company!

    – Fr. Joseph

  83. Fr. Joseph, thanks for your kind words. I, and many others, stand up for the cause of justice.

    I decry this wanton savagery waged upon the innocent.

  84. Dear hANOVER fIST,

    And thank you for your overt expression in the support of the cause of Justice!

    Each seemingly “insignificant” human voice all across our contemporary World which speaks up for Justice, which prays for Justice, which longs for Justice, which works for Justice and which SUFFERS for Justice are all blessing themselves spiritually in the theological virtue of CHARITY!

    And CHARITY is absolutely necessary for those who truly desire to be united to our All-Good God and Father in Heaven.

    Surely, is simply must DELIGHT our God and our Father in Heaven when any single human soul or any group of human souls stand up for JUSTICE which is CHARITY in actual work, for it is then that our Father in Heaven sees the reflection of His Eternal Divine Son in any of us, in these terribly weak, finite yet spiritually ALIVE human natures of ours – REAL human natures created in His Image and Likeness.

    Our Father in Heaven would have SPARED Sodom and Gommorah IF He could be shown but 10 righteous souls using their human natures as He desired.

    Perhaps each individual in our contemporary World who speaks up for, supports, seeks after and desires to promote Justice and Charity “wins” for our entire Human Race just that much more “time” for more and more others to REPENT, to take up COURAGE and to use their FREE WILLS in order to do a ‘something’, an ‘anything’ to bring about the spiritual Salvation and REDEMPTION of other members of our Human Race.

    That will be something that I – and perhaps all the rest of us – will LEARN to be factual and true when I, too, die.

    We’ll see…

    – Fr. Joseph

  85. By what religious, civil or political authority are people in and outside of the Church required to accept “under obedience” a lie or lies or to accept “under obedience” modes of life and living contrary to the Will of God?

    The very last “firewall” built into the inner spiritual integrity of any human being created in the Image and Likeness of Gd is her, her or their spiritual faculty of REASON which has has placed in all individuals so as to discern TRUTH.

    To love truth is to love the Will of God Who desires all men to ‘know the truth’ since all knowledge of truth LEADS to the Truth of God Himself Who is All-Good.

    Human minds and hearts were created by God so that they could recognize Him, converse with Him, to be in His Presence so as to share in mutual Spiritual Company and Companionship for all of Eternity.

    Controversies and vying assertions regarding Truth cannot be and not be at the same time.

    If it has become such A CRIME to deny any and all aspects regarding this historical event commonly referred to as ‘The Holocaust’, then what KIND OF CRIME is it for Governments of Europe, Governments of the Americas, Governments of Asia, Governments of Africa TO DENY that God Incarnaete was CRUCIFIED on a Roman Cross nearly 2,000 years ago.

    And what KIND OF CRIME is it for them TO DENY Christ Jesus’ RESURRECTION FROM THE DEAD?

    If it is A CRIME for non-Jewish people the world over to deny numbers an accounts regarding ‘The Holocaust’, then what KIND OF CRIME is it for the Jewish people the World over TO DENY Christ Jesus Is God Incarnate, His Crucifixion and His Resurrection from the dead and Ascension into Heaven.

    So all of these political ‘dog and pony shows’ conjured up and blared out to 6 billion human souls across our World via our world’s privately owned and controlled Mass Media outlets to form, sway and guide ‘Public Opinion’ attests to THE TRUTH of what U.S. 5 Star General Douglas MacArthur confessed to one Catholic Bishop Fulton Sheen in Allied Occupied Japan:

    “The World Struggle is NOT political or economic. Rather, it is RELIGIOUS and THEOLOGICAL. It is either God or atheism.”

    – Fr. Joseph

  86. This brings us back to this Divine Issue of the Mother of God’s Instruction to the Bishops of the Church to perform a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of RUSSIA to her Immaculate Heart per her 1917 A.D. Fatima, Portugal Apparitions.

    “Things” can and cannot be at the same time.

    There are those in the Church who assert that such a public and solemn Collegial Consecration was already ‘done’.
    And there are others in the Church who assert that such a public and solemn Collegial Consecration HASN’T been ‘done’.

    Can ANYBODY go to the approximately 4,600 Bishops of the Catholic Church as well as to the Bishop or Rome himself and OBTAIN from both the Bishop of Rome and all the Bishops of the Catholic Church WHEN did they ALL perform that public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Mother of God’s Immaculate Heart?

    The Collegial Consecration of Russia CANNOT be both ‘done’ and ‘NOT done’ at the same time!

    Have the people of our World and the members of the Church FORGOTTEN that NONE OF US can ‘fool God’ Who just so happens to be DIVINELY OMNISCIENT!

    Or have we ALSO FORGOTTEN that there is a God Who IS Divine as well as OMNISCIENT, Omnipotent and Omnipresent?

    – Fr. Joseph

  87. Grammatical correction:

    “Things” cannot BE and NOT BE at the same time.

    Considering the state of our World and our Church nowadays, shall we not all simply ADMIT that people the World over, the ‘Great, Mighty & Elite’ as well as the ‘lowly, weak and rendered as a human ‘commodity” do not want to hear TRUTHFUL things and the Truth.

    Sadly, it’s all deteriorating to a meaningless make-believe world were, as Stalin himself declared, ‘The Lie Is Sacred’.

    And a meaningless, make-believe world is simply a no-thing entirely contrary to and at odds with THE SPIRIT Who hovered the primordial formless chaos.

    – Fr. Joseph

  88. Former sedevacantist, eh? And I thought I was the only one. I’d love to compare notes some time. That’s one midset from which it’s nearly impossible–without God’s grace–to be freed. In my case, it wasn’t Bishop Williamson, but only God’s direct merciful intervention that liberated me.

    I knew Bishop Williamson quite well. I attended the seminary at Winona and am honored to have receieved tonsure at his hands. I spent much time in conversations with His Excellency, including the time he spent trying to dissuade me from leaving the seminary for sedevacantist principles.

    I had always thought it somewhat imprudent of him to stress issues like 9/11, Oklahoma City, and the Holocaust. In fact, in the very first class we had with him at the seminary, he asked the entire class to write down on a piece of paper how many Jews died during the Holocaust. He walked around the room and asked each student in turn to turn over the paper. He made no comment but just took mental notes. One of my fellow seminarians left that first week as a result of this. I felt that it wasn’t worth it. In restrospect, and now reinforced by the violent controversy which has ensued of late, things like the Holocaust and 9/11 DO MATTER in so far as it’s necessary to come to terms with them in order to undo the “propoganda programming” by which so many people’s minds have been taken over. Coming to terms with events like these has resulted in a “paradigm shift” that was necessary for me to grow in knowledge of the truth and to set myself more free from the bonds of diabolical deception. His Excellency used to remark that we have ALL been polluted by modernism to one extent or another, whether or not we know it — and he included himself in that number as well.

    It would be nice to find contact information for His Excellency (he globe-trots quite a bit but perhaps La Reja might work). He must be feeling very alone right now as the SSPX shows signs of throwing him under the bus.

    God bless you,

  89. I have been defending Bishop Williamson since the news came out on blogs, etc. I know he seeks the truth and isn’t afraid to speak up and take a stand for it. He doesn’t hate women either. I’m so happy to see others defending him because those who should be aren’t doing so. I think they are in fear of the enemies of Christ and fear stops good men from speaking out against evil. It has not stopped Bishop Williamson and Deo Gratias for him. As the New World Order closes in on us it is good to know God has left us a Bishop who is keeping the true faith and fighting the good fight and giving us the courage to do so as well. Pray the Rosary for the Pope to do the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as Our Lady of Fatima requested or nations will be annihilated.

  90. In case anyone might be interested in writing letters of support to His Excellency.

    His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson
    Seminario Nuestra Senora Corredentora
    Caja de Correos #308
    La Reja, Moreno
    Buenos Aires, RA-1744
    [54] (11) 44 40 67 38 tel

  91. he speaks the truth. my grandfather was in a so called concentration camp for 2 years. he said there where no gas chambers. the red cross visited them and they got paid for their work.and think about the millions of civilian germans who died through the bombings of many big cities in germany. the allied forces used white phosphorus and germ warfare the spraying of typhus. might be it was 6 million germans who died this was the real holocoust.and stalin killed 20 million too.
    i send bishop williamson love and light. iris

  92. Show your support for Bishop Williamson by following his blog at:

  93. Kudos to Bishop Williamson for bravely standing up to the Zionists’ biggest lie namely the use of gas chambers and the dogmatic 6 million figure of Jews killed under Hitler. Bishop Williamson is a true and marvelous christian and he makes me proud to be one by daring to speak truth to power.

    In contrast ,Pope Benedict was glaringly and complicitly silent during the Jewish State’s recent carnage and criminal devastation in Gaza which horrified and outraged tens of millions of civilized people everywhere.

    The Vatican’s hypocrisy is regretfully becoming more blatant every day when it speaks of peace but never never condemns war or links peace with justice as it should.

  94. […] Mr. Williamson is the thought criminal of the week. For that, he must  bear his cross. While I don’t agree with him (I don’t agree with most people), I surely would like to […]

  95. DEBATING THE HOLOCAUST: A New Look At Both Sides by Thomas Dalton, PhD

    Publisher’s Note: This is a non-Revisionist title for Theses & Dissertations Press. It will be the first book on the Holocaust, in publishing history, that will not take a Traditionalist or a Revisionist point of view. When you purchase this book, one-third of the proceeds will go to Germar Rudolf and his family.

    Founded in 2000 the publishing company Theses & Dissertations Press is at the center of a worldwide network of scholars and activists who are working — often at great personal sacrifice — to separate historical fact from propaganda fiction. The founder of Theses & Dissertations Press is Germar Rudolf. Who is currently serving prison time for his published works and will be released on July 4, 2009.

    As the new director of Germar Rudolf’s American publishing division, I wish to express my outrage that the Holocaust, unlike any other historical event, is not subject to critical revisionist investigation. Furthermore I deplore the fact that many so-called democratic states have laws that criminalize public doubting of the Holocaust. It is my position that the veracity of Holocaust assertions should be determined in the marketplace of scholarly discourse and not in our legislatures bodies and courthouses.


    Michael Santomauro
    Editorial Director
    Call: 917-974-6367

  96. I too will pray in total support for Bishop Williams and I hope that we will have a following for him and the truth. I am just so shocked at the Angela Merckels in this world and the fact that people are thrown in jail for expressing their opinion.

  97. The spirit of Beethoven (1770-1827) will overcome…
    Let this spirit set to freedom the Peoples of Europe… at last … in the year 2009…
    Now time seems to have come at last. The Peoples of Europe are awakening from an agony which will have lasted for two centuries… an agony under heaps of lies… specially in the heart of Europe the crucified German People (1939-45).
    The blog of Bishop Richard Williamson :

  98. I am only half way through reading this and came down to write something. I am amazed. I am stunned. I think we will loose the Latin Mass and the SSPX for they will be infiltrated very soon if not already. I didn’t say any Rosaries for this, I felt the timing was all wrong. Sorry must go back up now and read the remainder of the piece.
    Many thanks,

  99. The Holocaust (TM) Lie of the Satanic “Jews” is the mother murderer of all Ponzi Schemes!

    This Holocaust lie is responsible for so much death and destruction that these rich bankster “Jews” face the wrath of all the world should their Holohoax become commonly accepted.

    > The theft of Palestine,
    > Extortion of Germany and other countries based on false claims,
    > The license to kill given to so called “Jews” due to false holihoax sympathies,
    > The destruction of America by people who use the Holyhoax as a shield to commit unrestrained white collar crime
    > Countless “defensive” wars for Israel paid for by Quadrillions of Holihoax extortion/sympathy dollars and executed by their proxy-run nations,
    > the chaos and confusion seeded in Western nations who have lost sovereignity due to sympathy for the “Poor Jews”,
    > And how much have I forgot?

    Is it any wonder that they destroy the lives of anyone who threatens exposure of a lie that has the potential to be the last straw and cause a deep seated global revolution?

  100. I’m very pleased by the courageous and informed people that are coming to the defense of Bishop Williamson.The constant villification of Adolf Hitler,(See wbsite;Adolf the Great)Germany,and the Axis powers to this day is a world Jewish-Masonic conspiracy to cover the real perpetrators of that war,and who won it:World Jewry.Since 1945;the nexus of the planet has shifted away from beauty,higher cultural,aspirations,the preservation of of the unique diiferences of people on the planet and markert economies to advance a materiastic blending of Marxist-Finance-Capital-egalitarianism which allows the world only true haters,only true racists to rule;The Jews.Anyone ,whether nations,faiths,or individuals who dare to defend themselves against the power of the Jews is to be ignored,ruined,abandoned or destroyed. The Jews absolute power in finance,and the media,has rendered them immune from criticism.They whip up the mob;’CRUCIFY HIM’.And the gullible gentiles join in(I saw some ignorant politically correct calumnies against Hiler and Germany even on here.Gon’t think that kind of ignorance will shield you from Jewish attack) The Neo-conservative-Jewish-fundementilist alliance which took over the Republican party in the US.a2nd the Judeo-control of Catholism warns us not even to be fooled by those exclaiming there ‘traditional conservatism(Wolves in sheeps clothing)We must arm ourselfves with truth,and develop understanding.Study the classic work IMPERIUM by Ulick Varange(Francis Parker Yockey) .Read daily David Irvings Action Report,online and aquire his magnificent and suppressed books,about WW2.American Free Press is another source.Don’t be fooled by the left right game.If they endorse Judiaca,Isreali policy,attack Germany,or refer to Imperial Russia negativelor the arab world in any way.Thats the tip off;yOUR DEALING WITH THE ENEMY

    This site in no way endorses Hitler. While Communism may have killed more people and have been a greater evil, that does not mean that Hitler was good. No Catholic can support Hitler if for no other reason than his eugenics policies. He ordered the Nazis to invade religious homes for the mentally ill and had all the patients euthanized, i.e., murdered. Germany’s misfortune is that they did not have a Franco.

  101. […] The Crucifixion of Bishop Williamson « Truth is Beauty […]

  102. Thank you very much for this excellent text.
    May God help Bishop Williamson suffering his “crucifixion” as Our Savior did.
    Please support this great defender of the Truth (=the Christ) by signing the petition
    Please tell your friends and Familly.
    In Christ.

  103. Fwd from a friend and scientist.

    Dear Bishop Williamson,

    As your story unfolds almost daily in the global media, I felt compelled to offer my help via some observations:

    First, it is regrettable that the baying and braying of the NWO demagogues and their dupes in the Catholic hierarchy and press have caused you to lose your seminary position and be exiled from Argentina. Even more so is the Pope’s demand that you recant your alleged ‘Holocaust denial’ as condition to re-enter the Church of Christ.

    Your response was that of a reasonable man of conscience – to review any new OBJECTIVE evidence that supports the quantity(6 million) and quality(gassing) of the claims since your last research of the subject. Exactly what I would do. Ignore the false rush to decide truth in haste.

    So I decided to research the Holocaust myself, for authentic details – if possible – and found a prime source, the Meyer report, which analyzed the Nazi camp records. This report found that less than 500,000 were gassed using Zyklon B pesticide pellets, not cyanide in gas form.

    A question to ponder: if the Vatican hierarchy study the Meyer report, will they ‘recant’ their own position on Holocaust denial? Another: does all the Vatican, including the Pope, agree on what Holocaust denial is – in detail?

    A secondary source with credibility is the Red Cross summary, which puts the death figure < 300,000, and doesn’t distinguish gas victims.


    Other testimony from other sources was considered less credible/impartial.

    My conclusion is that gas was used, if mainly for fumigation, and the deaths were about 5% of the 6 million claimed by Semite sources. This is subject to future refinement, based on proof of higher credibility than the Nazi records themselves. I have no evidence that Hitler ordered the deaths by gassing.

    Those claiming 6 million gas victims have their integrity severely compromised by three other findings:

    · A NYC Jewish press article mentioned a Holocaust of 6 million dying Jews ….. in 1919, after WWI, 26 years BEFORE the WWII claims. Are the OT prophets still alive in New York?

    · The memorial at Auschwitz was reduced from 4 million to 1.5 million deaths 5 years after WWII.

    · The Jewish population statistics in Europe barely changed during the war.

    The motivation of your accusers among the NWO Zionists may be attributed to the liberal need to dominate and control in order to feel good about themselves, to be self-righteous. Or it could be guilt and perversity – the role of Zionists in WWII re the Holocaust is recounted at an anti-Zionist but Jewish Web site:

    Yours is not the only case of Holocaust fundamentalism used to suppress dissent/truth; two British writers now languish in obscurity in a California jail. Their crime? Satire, mockery & disbelief. Undoubtedly there will be many more such events awaiting us, advancing under the banner of hate speech and hate crime.

    Those who scream Holocaust denial , whether demagogues or their dupes, seem blissfully unaware of the threat, or even existence, of the New World Order plutocracy. A Very Real New World Order -More On The New World Order –

    Evidence is clear that the Vatican – to the very top – is being manipulated by the New WOZ, by using improving Jewish relations as carrot and Holocaust denial/Pius XII WWII inaction as sticks.

    Recanting of your HC denial is the papal condition for returning to the fold of the RC Church. This makes no sense – at several levels. Why should you be required to agree to what your conscience doesn’t know to be true? You and me and the Pope, we all must follow our conscience, which is well-formed only by seeking and adhering to the truth. Why should an historical event unrelated to salvation, the deposit of faith and the Church of Christ be a condition for re-admission? Without a clear definition of the scope and content of Holocaust truth, its denial is meaningless. What constitutes a Holocaust denier? The recant condition formally states that you “absolutely, unambiguously, and publicly distance yourself from your position on the Holocaust.”

    Does this embrace:

    Claiming less than 6 million Jewish deaths? Denying the use of gas? Calling the event a human Holocaust, instead of a Jewish Holocaust? Holding that as many or more Christians died in the CC camps? Believing that no one starved or was incinerated?

    The primary meaning of Holocaust is “ a complete burning/cremation”’, yet is it permitted to deny non-gas executions? Why the fixation on the use of gas? Was gassing more heinous than starvation or incineration?

    There is a wide range of Jewish deaths claimed, from 250,000 to 6 ,000,000 . The actual number isn’t known – and may never be known, but you are told to consent to the highest estimate. Why? Must all clergy accept this historical revisionism because the RC Church has this politically correct requirement? The laity, also?


    You have been portrayed as a lunatic for believing the WTC collapsed by internal detonations, not aerial attacks. As a scientist, with a Ph.D. in physics, I know that the 9/11 demolitions are a certainty. Just viewing the 10 second collapse of the three towers, one of which was not even struck, should be enough to reveal the work of internal collusion with the terrorists to even the most naïve. But this belief puts me – and you – at odds with almost all the world.

    Your case is valuable for exposing the RC hierarchy- up to the very top – as subservient to secularism and the NWO. The Vatican has already accepted relativity and evolution as true, from the mouth of modern atheistic science; now it requires a political/ideological rewriting of history by global Zionists for their use as an ‘anti-Semitic’ bludgeon, as a condition for Church membership! It seems that Zion’s elders are well on their way to dominating the Vatican sheep….. and shepherd.

    Will the NWO be satisfied if we agree that no Christians were killed? …. Or if we magnify the numbers to another dozen times …. To 72 million killed? The answer is no, as the Jewish press accusers already say that any reversal or apology by an HC denier cannot be trusted. So there is no way to repent – no forgiveness is possible. It’s all about self-righteous control/power/dominance.

    Sixteen centuries ago the majority of the Church leaders were Arians, denying the divinity of Christ. Today the majority are modernist contr-arians, denying the truth of Scripture – and now human history – as written.

    Rather than repeating the mantra of HC denial, why isn’t the Vatican questioning your New WOZ accusers for their fatal denial of the Messianic arrival?

    By matching OT prophecies to the NT Christ, the Vatican would be providing salvific aid to the Jews, rather more productive than chasing Holocaust fantasies. The Vatican requires that pro-abort Catholic politicos be refused Holy Communion, yet why no excommunication threat for the vast clerical disobedience all over the world?

    In the Jewish press are found many insights unavailable from Catholic sources. An example is the reaction by the last papal saint to overtures from the founder of Zionism. On January 25, 1904 Theodor Herzl obtained an audience with Pope Pius X to seek Vatican support for the Zionist enterprise. The pontiff held out his hand, but Herzl did not kiss it – though he felt uncomfortable not doing so.

    The father of modern Zionism outlined his plans. The pope’s response was disappointing: “We cannot give approval to this movement… We can never sanction it… The Jews have not recognized our Lord; therefore we cannot recognize the Jewish people.”

    In a letter to one of your supporters you wrote:

    “…..Be patient. Pray the Rosary to avoid confusion in a situation in which the Devil is playing almost how he likes with countless hearts and minds.”

    Of all the RC and Jewish hierarchy who have demanded you swear to a half-truth – and thus a half-lie – none has shown your insight into the true source of all this turmoil and confusion nor have they called on Christ or Mary for guidance, as you have. So I ask myself – who is most in imitation of Christ here, the bishop ‘denier’ or the whining demagogues ?

    Christ said that you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free . The poet said that truth is ever on the scaffold ; lies forever on the throne.

    I will pray the rosary for you, bishop – that you persevere in the belief that your well-formed conscience dictates. And for your tormentors, who are in greater need, being further from the truth.

    Domini servus,

    Dr. Robert Bennett

  104. Could someone please help me to contact the good Bishop? I would like to send a letter either by regular mail or email. All I know is that he is in the UK. The letter is a “thank you for your heroism” and also a ‘vocation’ type inquiry that I would like for him to see personally. Thank you very much for any assistance you might offer me………..Please, it is rather important. Philip De Genova

    P.S. The issues that are being addressed by Bishop Williamson are of the utmost urgency. He is a Prophet for our time – in fact, he may very well be “the” Prophet for our time. The lone voice ‘crying out in the wilderness’. From all that I have seen and heard on the issues that plague us today he is the only person in any position of authority within the Church who has had the courage to speak. Everyone must realize, if you don’t already, that God has allowed all of this to come about and to come out in this time and place and in the precise manner that it is now being revealed. There are no ‘accidental’ happenstances here. This includes the Bishop’s restoration – the lifting of John Paul’s condemnation of his princely status in the Society and the Church. The Pope understood full well the ramifications of that restoration and the ensuing controversy that would follow. It is actually impossible to think otherwise. The Pope has been enlightened by the Holy Spirit in the matter. He must proceed cautiously so please be patient with him if it appears that he’s not proceeding effectively enough. This in not simply about the SSPX – it goes far deeper than the notion of “its for good of the Church”. The role of the SSPX will be tremendous in the days to come.
    No less important than the Bishop’s understanding of the fraud of which we now speak as it relates to the Zionist agenda, – in fact of critical importance – are the Bishops remarks and commentary with respect to the false flag events of 9/11 and the so-called ‘war on terror’, which was the direct consequence of the destruction of the World Trade Center et al.
    Bishop Williamson has been preparing the seminarians well over the years and I fully expect the SSPX to be at the forefront of the coming revelations about the truth of 9/11.

  105. As I am a non-believer I suspect this won’t get posted – but I have to say all these posts scream out of the page in one direction. It’s never very interesting to have a debate where all contributors are like minded. You are all deluding yourselves – the holocaust happened. I suggest RW follows the suggestion of the pope and does a bit more homework – instead of picking out the odd one text that supports his views, look at the THOUSANDS that don’t. Many of those are written by non-believers who have only one goal – the truth. I suggest you have lost sight of that.

  106. I would like to tell Clive that the world has certainly not been told the truth about the Holocaust. Non-believers stand for the truth? Only Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life so no, they don’t stand for the truth. History has completely been distorted by lies and it is the majority of non-believers who spread them.

  107. When Bishop Williamson said what he did in regards to the Holocaust, it was historical. Since he is not a historian, it’s just his opinion. It’s like the U.S. President talking about the health condition of a cancer patient. President Obama is not a medical doctor, so it’s just his opinion. I don’t know if what the bishop said was true – all I know is that what he’s done in the Catholic Church is the same as has been done throughout the ages of the Church. His personal opinions are separate from his clerical functions. Sure, it doesn’t help to be too personally opinionated, but it ultimately does not tarnish the fundamentals upon which he works.
    San Diego DUI lawyer

  108. I think Bishop Williamson has been unfairly vilified about this matter – there is no question of thinking otherwise. In fact I go so far as to say that to be castigated for what he said is non-sensical BUT I thought (I may be wrong about this) that it was always thought to be inappropriate for clergy to get publically involved in secular matters – I am thinking specifically of politics/history. The reason I believe was behind such a view was that a priest should be seen to be above such matters in order to be ‘all things to all men’. Clearly when these secular matters impinge on faith and morals it would seem to me he has a duty to speak but otherwise I think it is quite inappropriate. The issue of the historical basis of the holocaust does NOT impinge on faith and morals as far as I can see. If Bishop Williamson was going to suffer an attack like he has it would have been far more productive for him and the world had it been for something more important – for instance an attack on Talmudic Judaism

  109. Sorry, I clicked submit before I finished. I dont want this to appear as a criticism of Bishop Williamson as a bishop. It is NOT that at all. I would be interested to hear an informed view on this matter of clergy taking public positions on secular matters.

  110. Thank you for your writings in The Crucifixion of Bp Williamson. An important point to bring out, however, is that iit is, latgely, Bp Fellay and his SSPX Superiors who have thrown him under the bus. Because Fr Schmidberger abd Bp Fellay. don’t want to either learn the truth, or stand for the truth, they claimed ” they knew nothing ” of what Bp Williamson has said for TWENTY FIVE years !! ” That has noithing to do with us ” they claimed, as they proceeded post haste to sanitize all their web sites of the truth in history. Sadly, the desire to appease Rome, and get back into the graces of this pope who is doing the bidding of the international Communist Conspiracy, and continuing the auto-destruction and demolition of the Catholic Church, begun by the French and German revolutionaries in the 1920’s, and put into high speed by the Masonic infiltrators of the 40′ and the 50’s, has now brought Bp Fellay and Fr Schmidberger complicity in this fraud known as the Moto Proprio, and the so-called ” lifting ” of the ex-communications.
    Rome is no more bringing back tradition than is Barack Obama bringing back gun ownership for Americans . There never was an excommunication– how can there be a lifting ? Why is it that Archbishop Lefebvre and Bp Castro de Meyer were not included ? How can that ” Bastardized ” mass ( eg born of a whore ) , according to Archbishop Lefebvre, the “mass” designed by protestants , and acceptable to them for their services, IN WHICH CHRIST DOES NOT APPEAR , how can that ‘mass’ be the ” ordinary ” liturgy for worshipping the one, true God ? Impossible !!

    The leaders of the SSPX needed to silence Williamson– get him out of the way. This has happened, and they build favor with the frauds in Rome, and the leaders in the Synogigues– the Church of Satan. Dear Catholics– be careful for those churches– Christ said to leave them when you see the Abomination of Desolation. !

  111. The Holocaust happenned. WILLIAMSON has been protected by the faction of EVIL that has existed withing the great halls of the VATICANUS for centuries. Consider this
    NAZI means KNIGHTS Sedes Secorurum SS means the HOLY SEE. THE VATICAN, So the killers of the Jews wore proudly their emblem
    NAZI SS. Interesting. Let Williamson and his Black Pope supporters weasel themselves out of this one, I understand he has an interest in young boys seems appropriate.

  112. Wow Vic! Tell us more. Who could possibly doubt such well-phrased assertions, calumnies and ad hominem attacks? And your Latin is superb! LOL!

  113. Vic,

    I’ve got a nice bridge in Brooklyn I could sell you along with a lot of cut rate human lampshades from Auschwitz. Ain’t no business like Shoah Business is there Vic?

    By the way Vic, have you checked out the secret gas chambers and crematorium hidden in the Sistine Chapel?

    James B. Phillips

  114. Yes, Vic, the “holocaust” happened, and among the people acknowledging that are Bishop Williamson. Some of us also acknowledge that the historic event has long been used as the prime source of political and social blackmail and to silence critics of corrupt and even rogue regimes, i.e. Israel and its U.S. satellite. As to numbers of vicitms and gas chambers, truth stands on its own legs and need never fear investigation. The hysteria over Bishop Williamson actually does more to validate his views of history rather that rebut them. The vicious lunatics who wish to silence and jail him — i.e. Angela Merkel — indicte through their desperation that truth is not on their side.

  115. God bless Bishop Williamson. We all know that this present battle is only a very small piece of the greater battle for the Catholic Church to right itself up again . Just remember Christ is also God. The Catholic Church was founded and is kept in life by Him . So logic shows it will eventually win . However it may be a Pyrrhic victory. We are rapidly approaching one of those big battles again. Hold on to your hat.
    Gerry- March 29th , 2010 1157 hrs.


  117. The good bishop is 90% wrong about the German
    concentration camps. 90% of the approximately 300,000
    inmates in these camps who perished according to the
    International Red Cross were gentiles not Jews according
    to the famous ADL-blackballed anti-Nazi World War II reporter Douglas Reed.

    Reed saw the burning of the Reichstag while riding his
    bike, and he wrote a book about the trial of the accused
    arsonists. He personally met Hitler and interviewed the
    Germany’s concentration camp inmates at the end of the war.

    “Hitler’s own original proposal for the name of the National Socialist party was “the Social Revolutionary Party”; he described himself as “the executor of Marxism” (not its executioner); and he told Hermann Rauschning that he had built his organization on the model of Communism. I met Hitler once or twice and studied him at close quarters for many years, before and after his rise to power; I believe that no genuinely informative work about him and the part he played has yet appeared.”

    …Douglass Reed.

    Here is what Reed wrote about the true nature of the Nazi persecution during World War II:

    “If I learned of a concentration camp containing a thousand captives I reported this; if I learned that the thousand included thirty or fifty Jews I reported that. I saw the first terror, spoke with many of the victims, examined their injuries, and was warned that I incurred Gestapo hostility thereby. The victims were in the great majority, certainly much over ninety percent, Germans, and a few were Jews. This reflected the population-ratio, in Germany and later in the countries overrun by Hitler. But the manner of reporting in the world’s press in time blocked-out the great suffering mass, leaving only the case of the Jews.
    I illustrate this by episodes and passages from my own experience and reporting. Rabbi Stephen Wise, writing in 1949, gave the following version of events personally reported by me in 1933, and undoubtedly purveyed the same version in the presidential circle of which he was a familiar during those years: “The measures against the Jews continued to outstrip in systematic cruelty and planned destruction the terror against other groups. On January 29, 1933 Hitler was summoned to be chancellor … at once the reign of terror began with beatings and imprisonment of Jews…We planned a protest march in New York on May 10, the day of the ordered burning of Jewish books in Germany . . . the brunt of the attack was borne by Jews… concentration camps were established and filled with Jews”.

    All these statements are false. The measures against the Jews did not outstrip the terror against other groups; the Jews were involved in a much larger number of others. The reign of terror did not begin on January 29, 1933, but in the night of the Reichstag fire, February 27. No “burning of Jewish books” was ordered; I attended and reported that bonfire and have looked up my report published in The Times, to verify my recollection. A mass of “Marxist” books was burned, including the works of many German, English and other non-Jewish writers (my books, had they then been published, would undoubtedly have been among them); the bonfire inc1uded some Jewish books. the “brunt” of the terror was not borne by Jews, nor were the concentration camps “filled with Jews”. The number of Jewish victims was in proportion to their ratio of the population. Nevertheless this false picture, by iteration, came to dominate the public mind during the Second War…

    I earlier described, with illustrations from Jewish sources, the process by means of which, over the years, the Jews were “singled out” from the mass of Hitler’s victims and their number inflated at will from day to day (Hitler’s book-bonfire became “the burning of Jewish books”; his concentration camps where ninety percent of the inmates were Germans became concentration camps for Jews; a wartime report about the killing of” 150,000 White Russians, Ukrainians and Jews at Kieff” was changed to “150,000 Jews”; and so on interminably).”

    None can even guess the number of Jews whose deaths, during the war, were not natural or the result of bombing and the like, but who were done to death by the Nazis. My opinion is that, whatever was the number of Jews in the countries overrun by Hitler, the number of their victims was in roughly that proportion to the total population stricken, Polish, Czech and other. I have found this to be the opinion of all persons known to me who survived the concentration camps and occupations. Having suffered themselves, their feeling for Jewish victims was as strong as for all others, but they could not understand why the one case of the Jews was singled out and the number of Jewish victims monstrously exaggerated. ”

    … Douglass Reed.

    The 300,000 German concentration camp inmates
    did were not killed by the actions of the German
    government but by the allied bombing which resulted
    in the starvation and death of millions of Germans whether
    they were in forced labor camps or not. In fact, it
    was in the interest of the Allies that the inmates
    die since they were making weapons for Germany.

    And it was the deliberate policy of the US government to kill
    civilians through the use of fire bombs (and nuclear bombs in
    the case of Japan) during the war, to “break the morale of the
    enemy”, and by starvation of POWs and civilians after the
    war over as a simple matter of revenge prescribed by the
    Talmud: the “Morgenthau Plan”).

    The famous mass grave at Bergen-Belsen was filled
    with the bodies of inmates who died from typhus
    epidemic which was the direct result of the Allied
    bombing campaign.

    90% of the dead this mass grave were gentiles
    according to Reed but the only
    victim that we know anything about is Anne
    Frank whose famous diary was written with a
    ball point pen.

    The Catholic hierarchy persecuting bishop Williamson
    should canonize Anne Frank for this was truly
    a miracle. Ball point pens were not invented
    until after World War I.

  118. Correction:

    The Catholic hierarchy persecuting bishop Williamson
    should canonize Anne Frank for this was truly
    a miracle. Ball point pens were not invented
    until after World War II.

  119. This review is from: DEBATING THE HOLOCAUST: A New Look At Both Sides By Thomas Dalton, Ph.D (Kindle Edition)

    In this remarkable, balanced book, the author skillfully reviews and compares “traditional” and “revisionist” views on the “The Holocaust.”

    On one side is the traditional, orthodox view — six million Jewish casualties, gas chambers, cremation ovens, mass graves, and thousands of witnesses. On the other is the view of a small band of skeptical writers and researchers, often unfairly labeled “deniers,” who contend that the public has been gravely misled about this emotion-laden chapter of history.

    The author establishes that the arguments and findings of revisionist scholars are substantive, and deserve serious consideration. He points out, for example, that even the eminent Jewish Holocaust scholar Raul Hilberg acknowledged that there was no budget, plan or order by Hitler for a World War II program to exterminate Europe’s Jews.

    This book is especially relevant right now, as “Holocaust deniers” are routinely and harshly punished for their “blasphemy,” and as growing numbers of people regard the standard, Hollywoodized “Holocaust” narrative with mounting suspicion and distrust.

    The author of this book, who writes under the pen name of “Thomas Dalton,” is an American scholar who holds a doctoral degree from a major US university.

    This is no peripheral debate between arcane views of some obscure aspect of twentieth century history. Instead, this is a clash with profound social-political implications regarding freedom of speech and press, the manipulation of public opinion, how our cultural life is shaped, and how power is wielded in our society.

    Dalton’s Holocaust Radio Debate on April 24, 2010:


    Michael Santomauro
    Editorial Director
    Call anytime: 917-974-6367

    Amazon’s: DEBATING THE HOLOCAUST: A New Look At Both Sides by Thomas Dalton

  120. Douglas Reed was a an anti-Catholic/anti-Zionist,anti-German/Europe British Imperiakist.His role was to justify the horrible war by confusing conservative types by his discredited writings.Just like the Birch Society.Fact Hitler and hs allies were grinded to dust in a terrible war which destroyed the West and enpowered world ZionisHis enemies;The Rothchilds,Financers in London,and there Allies inMoscow.Hitler was neither left,nor right but fought Marxisem and there allies.For good or bad,this is fact.To say otherwse is fantasy,ignornce,o isinformation.SEE BUCHANANS.THE UNNCESSARY WAR,and DAVID IRVING ACTION REPORT.JOHN TOLANDS:HITLER

  121. May I leave you miss with a verse from an “opposing” faith…
    Qur’an in-surah Esra 17:81
    “when truthhood is compared to falsehood, falsehood perishes. For falsehood is in its nature, bound to perish!”
    Peace and blessing of Almighty God be with you, miss! Love n respect from Islam.

  122. Liberal Catholic Bishop behind the smears of Bishop Williamson, please see this link:

  123. I wonder, what the German court would do, if the Honorable Bishop requests/demands the fine to be converted to a term in custody. I know I’m not using proper legalese, but such procedure is commonly known.

    I wonder, how the Christian, especially Catholic world would react to such development, seeing His Lordship incarcerated, say, for three months.

    Most of all, it would be interesting to learn the Self-Appointed Chosen Ones’ reaction. All those legions of survivors, who were umpteen times in and out of gas chambers, in meantime medically experimented upon, saved only by the Hashem’s own miracle in order to “return to Palestine and make the desert bloom” – the born farmers. Or those tattooed lambs, who had been shaved as many times to provide their oppressors with this material of strategic importance – the Jews’ hair, who then were tormented by the Swiss Goyim in their non-kosher hospitals and sanatoriums for five years, which they left offended, to go to the USA.

    I just wonder, if and when we wake up.

  124. Truth & Beauty is a rare commodity and truth even less so.The Catholic self flagulation over Bishop Williamson proves this.Indeed,the Universal Church of Christ now ‘fears the Jews’.They are our masters.They know how power works:Collect together,racial identity,genetics,MONEY-bribery,,control the message,pressure,fear,manipulate,and leading the opposition.The drill is alway’s the same.One only has to study the process in which they hounded,attacked,and crucified Christ to understand this.The Catholic Church now elevates Jewish views over one of their own.This is the nightmare of Vatican 2.This is the result of Rothchild(57%US FEDERAL RESERVE,Bank Of England)increasing domination of the world since 1913,culminating in there ultimate victory in 1945.Today there influence is everywhere;consciouse,and subconsciouse,on the left,middle,and worse of all; today’s awful right(NEOCONSERVATIVE ZIONIST BOLSHEVICKS,and there toady’s in Catholicesem/Evangelicalisem,Republican Party)).It must be noted:According to close friend of Bishop Williamson,and magnificent historian David Irving’s website;a high German Court has overturned the Bishop’s conviction!!!!SEE DAVID IRVING ACTION REPORT.COM

  125. In response to dante ardenz:

    Of course, the truth is out there, but suppressed though, in historical matters, it’s better to call it “an honest narrative”. Contrary to hard science, history is prone to endless re-evaluations. Historian is a mind shaper. Having stated that, one needs to notice, that even history needs a measure of exactitude, especially if events described are close to present times, ergo verifiable. At the same time, the more present is the timeframe of historical events described, the more politics is involved. This is important, when one evaluates His Lordship Williamson’s case.
    I fully agree with your statement, that Jews exercise extreme influence, to the detriment of many nations. They are few, comparing to us, and influencial. They are a formidable enemy to mankind. Once we become Jew-wise, we will no longer contribute to their racket. Obviously, they will mutate, but an enlightened person will never support their story. In this struggle, we shall win.

  126. What absolute garbage has been written here. This gives the conspiracy theorists of the Internet a run for their money. I have rarely seen such frenzied and uninformed nonsense spewed forth in the name of religion. It is pure and unadulterated anti Semitic poison. You should all be ashamed.

  127. I suppose Anne, that you are prepared to refute specifically what you refer to as “garbage.” I look forward to reading it. There’s nothing wrong with a good, honest debate. Unless of course, you didn’t plan on doing that. If that’s the case, your statement is nothing but the meaningless ramblings of a blowhard. Which is it going to turn out to be?

  128. Oh what a nice,sweet person Anne is.Well thats the type,out of ‘goodnesss’that ran from Christ.They who can’t take a stand against a group of people,who refuse to become apart of humanity.How far do these lovers of the self-chosen people go?Well let me just give a small sample.The British Civil War; when they backed Oliver Cromwell to ‘liberate’ them.When victoriouse,there proxy,Cromwell proceeded to give them an Central Bank,and brought back Usury.He banned Christmas as a ‘Pagan’ Holiday,and persecuted the Catholic Church.his Puritans coined the term oxymoronic term,Judeo-Christianity,(Today’s Protastant Fundementilist,so many Catholic’s now fawn over)and he set up a police stae for them.The French Revolution was there next big push.Than theres the WAR Of 1812. Civil War,when the Jews Financer’sRothchild) swung to the South to break up the USA. THey admied to Henry Ford that they were in back of WW1.They gave s the Federal Resrve in 1918(57% Rothchild)Chaim Weizman,even bragged about it.Than came there ‘big one:Jewish Financers backed the Bolshivicks/Communists,to overthrow the Czar who wouldn’t let them in o exploit Russia.The British Empire Building.And there victory of victories, WW2.(See David Irving Action Report.Com-Master Historian,and friend of Bishop Williamson)The Cold War came next when Stalin and the later Soviet Leadership purged the Jews after WW2,and wouldnt let the Bankers in as promised during the war(See Imperium by Notre Dame Graduate Francis Parker Yockey),when oh the Commies were sooooooo (Jews)nice.Than theres’Vietnam,Iran Contra,The Iraq Wars,and the future conflicts they demand-Iran.They prged the Church from Palistine and made the Christians like it!!!They occupy the West.There self-serving materielstic ideas,both conscious and unconsciously.Economically,poliically,spirtitualy.They own the left,the right,and the middle.Organized religion,the entire media,and even some of there own meager opponants they control A,s the Jew,Lenin observed’The best way to win is lead the opposition!’. They obviously own you Ann.How far do the servers of the Jews want to go to protect them from justice?Total world annialation.The nieve,or self-serving supporters of organized Jewry are the ones who have EVERYTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF!!!

  129. Pope Benedict spoke up about the world bankers that “commit genocide and enslave the masses”, and in the same statement mentioned drugs and terrorism as the three biggest problems facing us. Nine days later “AL Qaeda” murdered 63 Catholics including three good priests in a Catholic church in Iraq. Retribution? You know it! Just like when Pius 12 tested Hitler with the Dutch Bishops public letter during WW2 and the next day 20,000 were taken in the Netherlands including a future saint. If Benedict gets heavy handed with our slave-masters they will send “Al Qaeda” into the Vatican and kill him and as many Cardinals as they can. They have a knife to his throat ladies and gentleman, and he is biding his time. In God’s time these people will implode. Pray four rosaries a day and always include the destruction or better yet, conversion of these horrible Luciferian people. Thank you, Robert Epperly, author, Sons of Thunder, the STory of Joe and Paul.

  130. `A real test of ‘The Church’ was the Zionist victory over the planet in 45′.Nt anyhing a Catholic/Lutheran, Germany fighting a multi front war against overwhelming odds ever did. Everything else is pure propaganda to confuse the naive and pious. El Queda, Nationalist European Movements, and enlightened Muslims are not,or never were our enemies. As true Catholic Pat Buchanan points out, Catholics and Christians had freedom, and even appointments in Nasser’s Egypt, Assad’s Syria,and Saddam Husseins Iraq-Teriq Azziz was his Foreign,and Deputy Prime Minister-A Coptic Christian. The Zionist Israeli-US attacks on those nations, and coup’s etc, just as in the catastrophe of WW2-Read; PAT BUCHANAN”S THE UNNECESSARY WAR led to the Jews’ Occupation of the planet today.Bishop Williamson’s plight displays this, as well as the cowards, and sick traitors,not only in the Vatican 2 Church, but traditionalist circles as well. Starting John XXIII, a Mason, along with Paul VI, John Paul II of Krakow, and culminating in his protege-Ratzinger, they elevate a tiny but overwhelmimngly powerful coup-The Jews,over all of mankind, and Christ himself.They go with the money, and the publicity. Anyone who denounces Bishop Williamson,throws up WW2 nonsense hate, propaganda against the AXIS either doesn’t know true history; has no common sense, or is asinine. Beware of NEOCONSERVATIVISM: It’s a Zionist Cover-WOLF”S IN SHEEPS CLOTHING.

  131. I rest my case.

  132. Great article! It would take me all night to read the comments (all 132) but may I say – Thank You!

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