Cynthia McKinney, You GO, Girl!

God bless Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney for standing up to the Israeli terrorists in defense of the people of Gaza. This incident, in which the Israeli Navy tried to sink an unarmed mercy boat, is eerily similar to the deliberate, sustained attack by Israel on the USS Liberty in 1967. Major kudos to Cynthia McKinney for bringing up the attack on the USS Liberty! She is a true American heroine. Meanwhile, all we hear is crickets from the President-elect.

***Update: According to wiki, Ms. McKinney is Roman Catholic!

2 Responses

  1. Do you have this book yourself ?

  2. At last – a REAL person who has a REAL soul and a REAL conscience. I will write her a letter of my admiration. By her act of bravery and compassion she has created her own destruction. Like TRUE patriot Paul Findley – her career will also be destroyed by the “sons of the Devil”. Th truly sad part of this is that the REAL spineless hypocrite scum who will ultimately destroy her are not the predictablely evil 2% Jews in AmeriKa today.

    IT IS THE 98% OF the remaining non-Jew scum who will simply turn their backs on one of our finest daughters and just ALLOW her destruction with not so much as a whimper. MANY Of these 98% are my own neighbors – and that makes me even more ashamed to be an AmeriKan in ‘The YEAR of Our MASTERS – IsraHELL – 2009’.


    Most all of my ‘HEROES’ are dead. I now have a new Heroine and wish her to be in the favor of our Lord

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